Are Miona and Jibri Bell From 90 Day Fiance Still Together?

Image Credit: Jibri Bell/Instagram

’90 Day Fiance’ offers a detailed study of a cross-border relationship by focusing on US nationals who are already engaged to their foreign partners. These foreigners come to the United States on a K-1 visa and are expected to tie the knot within 90 days. However, different mindsets, lifestyles, and habits often lead to significant altercations, as each couple tries to put their issues to bed within just three months.

Serbian Native Miona and Jibri Bell from South Dakota are one such pair on ’90 Day Fiance’ season 9 who managed to garner a fan following due to their intriguing dynamics. Let’s take a closer look at their relationship and find out of Miona and Jibri are still together, shall we?

How Did Miona and Jibri Bell Meet?

A native of Rapid City, South Dakota, Jibri Bell was a part of a band that got an opportunity to play a gig in Northern Siberia. While playing in the foreign country, Jibri noticed Miona in the audience and sought her out immediately after the performance. Surprisingly, the two hit it off quite well on their first meeting and soon realized that they were mutually attracted. Once Jibri and Miona started dating, the relationship turned serious soon. Owing to their mutual understanding and love for each other, the pair got engaged. They also documented the sweetest parts of their relationship on social media.

Jibri and Miona built up a strong connection and appeared to have traveled extensively throughout their time together. However, the show mentioned that Jibri used to live a luxurious life which Miona loved. In fact, he used to reside in Los Angeles, and Miona was looking forward to living a glamorous life in the United States. However, fate had other ideas, as Jibri had to move back to his parents’ house in South Dakota, which did not sit well with Miona. She wondered if she had made a mistake and mentioned that living in a small town was not part of her plan.

Are Miona and Jibri Bell Still Together?

Although Miona and Jibri Bell had to navigate quite a rocky path, they still appear to be together. Jibri’s move from Los Angeles to South Dakota threatened to end their relationship as Miona wasn’t keen on living in the small town. The Siberian national was further irked when Jibri suggested they should have the wedding in South Dakota itself. She reminded Jibri about their plans for a beach wedding.

While arguing about it on the show, Miona said, “When you tell me about getting married there, that sounds even worse than living in South Dakota.” Furthermore, Miona also found it difficult to adjust to life in the small town and often found herself at loggerheads with Jibri’s parents. In fact, as seen on the show, Jibri was put on the spot when Miona insisted that he should choose between his fiancee or his family as they would not be able to co-exist.

Naturally, Miona’s behavior did not sit well with Jibri, as he had moved from Los Angeles to South Dakota so that he could bring his fiancee home. He also promised to try and shift to Los Angeles later, but the suggestion did nothing to solve their issues. However, with time, the couple reached an impasse and decided to meet each other halfway. They even found a perfect location for their wedding, and it seemed like their issues would finally disappear for good.

From the looks of it, Miona and Jibri have gotten over their initial hiccups and are seemingly quite happy together. Although they prefer to keep their private life under wraps, Miona’s social media footprints indicate that she still resides in the United States. Moreover, the Siberian national has also changed her Instagram name to Miona Bell, hinting at a possible marriage.

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