Are Natalie and Shayne From Love is Blind Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ can only be described as a fascinating dating reality series wherein a group of singles meet, mingle, and get engaged — all before even seeing one another for the first time. It essentially serves as a social experiment since it places the focus on emotional attractions rather than physical ones to tackle the notion of falling in true love based on personality alone. Amongst those embarking on this adventure in season 2 were Natalie and Shayne. So now, let’s figure out whether they were able to come out on top of this production or not, shall we?

Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen’s Love is Blind Journey

There’s no denying that then-31-year-old Shayne Jansen was initially a hit in the pods owing to his charm as well as his unique voice, yet just Natalie Lee and Shaina Hurley caught his attention. Both women were drastically different in their approach towards the Realtor, but he liked them almost equally from the get-go, leading to quite a bit of genuine back and forth. After all, while Shayne got the perfect blend of serious and sassy with the then-29-year-old Consulting Manager Natalie, his association with then-31-year-old hairstylist Shaina mainly consisted of outright flirting.

A conflict did occur when Shayne mistook Natalie for Shaina and instantly asked what she was wearing, but he also made it okay by offering Natalie the label of girlfriend the very next day. What he didn’t anticipate, though, was that this would cause Shaina to back off entirely, pushing him and Natalie closer together — a fact Shayne didn’t seem to mind in the long run. After all, he had discussed his family, profession, and future expectations (starting from day 2 itself) with Natalie, with whom he also felt secure beyond a doubt.

Therefore, since Natalie had already expressed similar sentiments while declaring that he was her first choice, once Shayne was sure that his feelings were real as well, he got ready to get down on one knee. Before he could do that, however, Shaina (engaged to Kyle) came back into the picture to concede that she, too, had deep feelings for him, only for Shane to shut her down because he’d made up his mind. Thus, Natalie and Shayne got engaged and gladly confessed their love before meeting face-to-face for the first time.

Are Natalie and Shayne Still Together?

The physical connection between Natalie and Shayne was just as electric as their emotional one, making them one of the strongest couples of the entire season. Yes, they had their fair share of issues due to Shaina as well as their different communication styles – especially with his want for public affirmations clashing with her desire to keep their bond on the down-low – but they managed to work things out. Even their personalities seemed complementary, meaning that they looked like they could handle whatever came their way.

Though, that’s not true. Natalie and Shayne’s own private, endless arguments not only shattered their image of being a healthy pairing, but they also proved to be their downfall. The duo was actually set to say “I Do,” yet hurtful words during a conflict the evening before their wedding made the consulting manager realize that she didn’t feel safe with him anymore. She thus said no at the altar, and despite knowing that they had several problems to overcome, she still didn’t close the door on their relationship for good; Shayne did.

Since then, from what we can tell, the former couple has not romantically reconciled in any way, shape, or form. We say that because the Chicago realtor didn’t even follow his former partner on Instagram until about mid-February 2022. However, more recently, he took to the same platform and penned, “I want to make sure everyone knows that Natalie is [an] incredible woman with a huge heart,” making it clear that they are, at the very least, trying to be on amicable terms.

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