Are Shaina and Kyle From Love is Blind Still Together?

There’s no denying that Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ stands out from the crowd of dating reality shows by having its contestants try to find their life partners through a process where they can’t even see one another. In other words, it follows a group of marriage-ready singles as they meet, date, and get engaged sight unseen, only to then spend a month together to decide whether they’re ready to say “I do” or not. Amongst them in season 2 was the intriguing pairing of Shaina Hurley and Kyle Abrams. Now, let’s delve deeper into the wild reality of their involvement, shall we?

Shaina Hurley and Kyle Abrams’ Love is Blind Journey

Almost as soon as then-31-year-old Shaina Hurley stepped foot into the pods, she developed a strong connection with both Shayne Jansen, 31, and Kyle, 28. However, while the hairstylist and the real estate agent mostly remained playful during their conversations, Shaina opened up more about who she is with construction worker Kyle. After all, they not just bonded over being old souls with their mothers as their biggest influences, but Kyle and Shaina also had the common ground of his profession since that’s the field Shaina’s family operates in.

Shaina then told Kyle that she’d been engaged once before, but it didn’t work out as he was “very controlling.” Instead of being put off by it, though, the mischievous Glazier offered his support before cheekily adding, “and then you met me.” Thus, they continued to explore their association, all the while Shaina did the same with Shayne until the latter asked Natalie to be his girlfriend. That’s when Shaina zeroed in on Kyle, only to uncover their significant differences in faith — she’s a devout Christian, whereas he’s an atheist.

The disparities did cause a conflict between the duo, but believing that he was ready to make the necessary compromises to make Shaina happy, despite them both being stubborn, Kyle proposed. In fact, he gave Shaina his mother’s engagement ring to prove his sincerity and reiterate that she reminded him of her, which she accepted after admitting to being scared. The most shocking part, though, was that Shaina subsequently told Shayne she had deep feelings for him, got rejected, and then met Kyle face-to-face for the first time.

Are Shaina and Kyle Still Together?

While Kyle Abrams was thrilled to have Shaina Hurley as his partner, she did have concerns regarding their religious dissimilarities and her feelings towards Shayne. Therefore, on the very first night of their getaway, the hairstylist requested they sleep in separate rooms before deciding that it would be better if she simply went back home — to Chicago — all by herself. Nevertheless, her fiancé was still not deterred, so Kyle managed to reach out to her once he was back in Illinois as well and asked her to give them a chance.

Unfortunately, though, things between them did not work out because Shaina merely could not let Shayne or the fact that Kyle is an atheist out of her mind. With that said, they do still seem to be in touch through social media platforms, indicating that they likely ended their romantic relationship on good terms and are now just friends. Apart from that, we should mention that Shaina and Shayne also follow one another on Instagram.

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