Are Obi Nnadi and Brianna Giscombe From Too Hot to Handle Still Together?

As the world knows, Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ is one of the sauciest dating reality shows’ to have premiered in recent years, and its latest installment is only bigger and better than ever before. In other words, season 3 introduces us to a genuinely wild batch of flirty singles as they end up in paradise, only to find themselves entangled in a $200,000 celibacy challenge unlike any other. So now that we know what goes down in this incredibly captivating production, let’s delve a little into the intriguing relationship between Obi Nnadi and Brianna Giscombe, in particular, shall we?

Obi and Brianna’s Too Hot to Handle Journey

Obi’s time in Lana’s retreat wasn’t going too well at first, not only because he learned what show he was doing after he’d already stepped foot onto the island (in episode 3) but also because the girl he initially liked shut him down due to his age and height. That is until Brianna came into the picture (in episode 6) to switch things around and admitted that Obi’s personality sets him apart from everyone else in her eyes. Thus, when Obi pulled Brianna aside for a one-on-one conversation during her first day itself, she welcomed it with open arms even though she also had her eyes set on Nathan.

Obi conceded that he was chasing the opportunities that came his way, especially as he wanted to “vibe” with someone and believed Brianna could be that for him. Thankfully, she reciprocated the sentiment by stating that she was genuinely excited to get to know him better since they’re both “sexy people” and already had a comfort level that allowed them to talk about anything and everything. Thus, when Brianna still chose Nathan as her date the following morning, Obi was obviously a bit upset as well as annoyed. However, things settled down for them just a short while later, and they seemingly grew closer.

Are Obi and Brianna Still Together?

Obi and Brianna never really specified where they stood, but the one thing their actions made evident was that they genuinely cared for each other. They did everything from sticking together at the parties to sharing a bed to joking around whenever possible, proving that a connection is all someone needs to develop into a more empowered being — it doesn’t matter if it’s platonic or romantic or somewhere in between on the exploratory side.

After all, while Obi admitted that he’d leave the retreat wiser owing to his experiences, Brianna declared that she wouldn’t be afraid to tap into her affectionate side anymore. Coming to where they stand today, while we can’t be too sure about whether Obi and Brianna are still together or not as of writing, we do know that they both seem perfectly content with how things are.

Obi is a fitness model, personal trainer, and lifestyle instructor from Toronto, Canada, who is currently exploring the different possibilities in his industry, whereas Brianna is a health, beauty, and personal care professional who lives in California but has a base in Connecticut as well. With active social media accounts and social lives, it appears as if this duo is determined to be the best possible public figures they can be.

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