Are Paige and Cornel From Sexy Beasts Still Together?

Sexy Beasts‘ is a Netflix original reality dating show wherein each episode revolves around a young single hoping to establish a romantic relationship based on personality alone. To keep physical features out of the equation, the individual and their three potential suitors don elaborate prosthetic make-up before going on dates. Out of the three people, the individual chooses one partner. Only then do the disguises come off, yielding some surprising and steamy reveals. The prime examples for this are Paige and Cornel from episode 5 of season 2. So now, let’s find out more about them, shall we?

Paige and Cornel’s Sexy Beasts Journey

When Paige began her chapter on this admittedly unusual series, she confessed that she is tired of superficial dating and is at a point in her life where she only wants serious and genuine connections. “I feel like I have been through a lot of situationships,” she said. “And now, I’m, like, no-nonsense when it comes to dating.” Therefore, her ideal man would be romantic and spontaneous, with similar future expectations as her. Paige’s confident yet kind character shone through even from her mask, making it clear that her dates – AJ, Marcus, and Cornel – had to do their best to impress.

Sadly, AJ failed to deliver. During the speed dating round, both Cornel and Marcus sparked a bond with Paige by sharing their authentic personalities and making her laugh, which is why she picked them for a second date as well. She was bothered by Marcus having never been in a real relationship before, something she brought up after their yoga session, but everything else was good. However, Cornel was the one who stole her heart with his adventurous spirit, charm, and sincerity. They even had a date on a speedboat, which Cornel drove. Thus, of course, Cornel was Paige’s “sexy beast.”

Are Paige and Cornel Still Together?

When Paige announced her decision, she mentioned how much she admired the fact that Cornel knew what he wanted out of a relationship. So, even though he was different from what she’s “gone for in the past,” she wanted to select him. Paige also realized that maybe a change was what she required. While Cornel stated that he was delighted to have another chance to get to know Paige better, she said that his “heart of gold” was what mattered to her. A glimpse of their face-to-face meeting only reiterated all this, especially as their extremely attractive appearances also came into play.

Paige and Cornel were blown away by their partner’s looks when they met in the flesh for the first time, and they both admitted that they would love to see one another again. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like their link lasted. Not only have they not shown any indication of being involved, but they also do not follow each other on social media platforms. Cornel’s Instagram is private at the moment, yet we do know that he’s a Romanian personal trainer residing in the UK. As for Paige, she is a Chicago girl who lives in London as an online content creator and is the founder of Bloom Village, a wellness-based community.

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