Are Rae and Zay From The Ultimatum Still Together?

In a dating reality series that starts off with already established couples on the verge of marriage, Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On‘ puts their relationship to the test by helping the pairs ascertain if they want to take the next step or split up. After all, it gives them a chance to date others from the pool of individuals, enter into a trial marriage, and then reunite or separate with their love before the decision day. Thus, while some grow closer, others just can’t proceed together anymore. So, if you wish to learn where Rae Williams and Zay Wilson stand today, we’ve got you covered.

Rae and Zay’s The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On Journey

Rae Williams was the one to hand out the ultimatum to Zay Wilson after 2½ years of dating, asserting that she wanted to start building the life she’d planned with him. However, Zay believed neither of them was ready. The 25-year-old not only mentioned they didn’t have financial stability, but he also proved his girlfriend still struggled to express her feelings to back his stance. Later on, he did concede that he saw a future with the woman he’d been with throughout college, suggesting it was just the timeline and the troubles they’ve faced that held him back, leading to this experiment.

Upon separating, though, the duo seemingly immersed themselves into the controlled dating scene, and while the 24-year-old connected with Jake Cunningham, Zay found a spark with Shanique Imari. They did feel jealous, guilty, and even sad at times owing to the (positive) way things were proceeding in these new connections, yet it’s undeniable that Rae and Jake were bonding on a different level. From having a lot in common to sharing their deepest desires and from having an emotional relationship to sharing more than a few kisses, this new pairing did it all.

Therefore, when Rae and Zay reunited, things were a little awkward from both sides, especially as even he’d developed a different kind of equation with Shanique. The original couple did cuddle on the first night itself with no conflicts, but cracks began to widen as time passed, and at this stage, neither held back from pursuing their happiness. Zay had finally admitted out loud that he was ready to settle down for good with his partner, but Rae was no longer on the same page — she shut him out, and Zay walked away, not coming back for the entire night.

Are Rae and Zay Still Together?

Rae understood that Zay was rightfully angry, yet once 2 a.m. went by, all she wanted was for him to pick up her calls, respond to her text, or switch on his location to let her know of his whereabouts and if he was okay. However, he did not, and upon his return at 8 a.m., he essentially tried to force her into staying by grabbing on during her attempts to escape the flat, which escalated into a physical fight. After telling him to let go a few times, Rae actually punched him, and that’s when things slowed down, only for her to call it quits because she knew this wasn’t them.

Zay’s subsequent efforts to get his partner to open up or even look at him went nowhere, and once she made it clear that there was no going back, he said his final “I love you” before parting ways. The Texan natives did reconcile for a short while once filming ended despite her then-continued connection with Jake, but it didn’t work out — so no, they aren’t together anymore. Nevertheless, both the bisexual HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) graduate and the model/social medial personality seem to be happy at the moment, which is all that matters.

We should also mention that Rae recently told Insider, “I’m very upset about [our altercation]. I’m not proud of my behavior. I regret us shoving each other. I regret putting my hands on him. I punched him in the shoulder, and it didn’t leave a mark or anything. It didn’t injure him like that, but I shouldn’t have done it. Nobody should ever put their hands on someone else.”

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