Are Ronan and Katie From Love on the Spectrum Still Together?

No matter where we’re from or how we are, all everyone wants in life is love, affection, and fulfillment. And that’s what Cian O’Clery’s ‘Love on the Spectrum‘ chronicles with the help of those Australian individuals who are jumping headfirst into the world of dating and romance while being on the autism spectrum. Season 1 of this series opened many doors, and with the second installment now on Netflix, we get a much deeper insight into how things are different yet alike for each of them. So now, if you’re wondering if lovable couple Ronan and Katie from season 2 are still together, we’ve got you covered.

Ronan and Katie’s Love on the Spectrum Journey

Although Ronan Soussa lives with his parents and brother, he proved time and time again that he’s pretty independent when it comes to his personal life and has numerous hobbies to keep him company. He once served as a camera assistant on a commercial project and is now a volunteer at Sydney Motorsports Park and a Tuba instrumentalist at the Sutherland Shire Band, among other things. The one thing missing in his world, though, was a partner to share his experiences, and that’s when he decided to start dating and enlisted the help of a specialist.

Thanks to a brief session with Jodi Rodgers, Ronan’s self-confidence and conversation skills developed, and he was prepared for his first date ever. Unlike others, he was not nervous or shy, just ready to be out in the world, and that’s how he came across Katie. His first date was a picnic with her, followed by a fun game of ring toss, and the chemistry between them was as innocent as it was sparkling. Thus, it came as no shock when they had a second date at an arcade where he taught her racecar driving.

However, the greatest part of Ronan and Katie’s second date, for them and for us to see, was them dancing to a busking pianist and learning they had much more in common than they initially believed. He merely called it a “coincidence,” but we know it’s not only that. From creativity to racecars and from love for food to dreams, they shared it all. Most importantly, the pair always understood each other. Thus, Ronan asked Katie to be his girlfriend on date 3.

Are Ronan and Katie Still Together?

Ronan found a perfect partner on his very first date, which is rare but also “beautiful” and “magical,” like Katie would say. They share a love for pizza, non-veg, and family time. But most importantly, Katie is someone who understands his passions and emotions. Ronan reciprocated this, too, which is why the couple always described feeling “warm” and happy with one another. The way they continually communicated and asked for consent before taking any action was also pure, necessary, and extremely appreciated.

From what we can tell, despite Ronan and Katie being relatively private on social media platforms, they’re still in a blissful relationship. We know that apart from being a band player and doing volunteer work at the local race track, Ronan continues to fill up his time with activities like drama, karate, rock-climbing, playing piano, and learning to drive. But on the other hand, we can’t find much on Katie. With that said, we hope all their dreams and wishes come true, especially the one where they can go to Italy to enjoy authentic Italian food together.

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