Sam And Jordana: Is the Siesta Key Duo Still Together?

Affluent young adults having a good time while facing the turbulence of life in their 20s? Count us in because we love ‘Siesta Key!’ It’s a reality show that draws you into the drama, politics, heartfelt moments, and dating lives of a friend circle. Jordana Barnes and Sam Logan are two such friends on the show that has kept the audience on tip-toes with their confusing chemistry. They kiss, fight, and make out but never really get into a relationship. Could ‘Siesta Key: Miami Moves’ be any different? Have they made it out of each other’s friend zones in season 5? Let’s find out where the trail leads!

Jordana and Sam’s Siesta Key Journey

Jordana Barnes, who was introduced as Sam’s artistic friend on the show, raised quite a few eyebrows. He invited her to paint a $10,000 portrait of Juliette (his then-girlfriend), which didn’t end so well because the portrait ended up looking more like Jordana! Later, Juliette revealed how Sam knew Jordana through an old girlfriend (Brittany Russell) whom he dated for 10 years! As stated by Juliette on the show, Brittany and Jordana fell apart because she hooked up with Sam after the couple’s breakup. 

Jordana made some controversial statements about wanting to sleep with Sam because he was an attractive man, that too, in the presence of Juliette. In due course, Sam broke up with his girlfriend due to her temperament of always being pissed at something. Jordana immediately butted in to be supportive and said she would be there for him if he wanted anything. The two moved into Sam’s new apartment in Miami, but then he asked her to move out. 

The relationship between the two keeps getting complicated. Jordana is seen living with Sam in season 5, and she confesses her feelings for him on episode 11 out of frustration. However, we need to go a few days back to understand how it all started in the first place. Apparently, Sam was partying with random women at their apartment and allowing them to use Jordana’s bikinis. Jordana felt disrespected and confronted Sam about the same. She felt her privacy was being breached, and she did not appreciate him giving out her clothes to other women. 

He did apologize later because he noticed that their friendship was hanging by a thread. Jordana needed a reset and expressed her thoughts about finding a new place for herself. After her confession, Sam and Jordana landed in another awkward situation, and the former was weirded out, even shocked to a certain extent.

He did not want his 10 years of friendship to go down the drain, even after his mother and friend Mike were optimistic about him giving a shot to a relationship with Jordana. Later that day, Sam was upfront and told her he did not want to ruin their friendship. She wasn’t having any of it, though, and insisted they should at least give it a try! They leaned in for a kiss and had a sweet moment, so what does that imply? Has the duo finally decided to date? 

Jordana and Sam Are No Longer Together

No, Jordana and Sam are not together. It is speculative whether she found herself a new place or not when Sam asked her to move out the first time, but it seemed like Jordana was seeing another guy named Adam Conway, although she never made things official. The fans had an uproar because Sam’s new company gave no credit to Jordana while she was the one who designed and helped out with most things.

The viewers also sided with her when she asked him to respect her privacy, because Sam made some uncalled-for remarks behind her back by calling her “territorial” and a “jealous girlfriend.” Most of her fans were supportive of her decision to leave Sam’s apartment when she wanted a break from the distress. They were proud of her until she went on to tell Sam that she was originally concerned with girls being around him because she had feelings for him. 

Sam’s actions led to Jordana feeling hurt, and he was initially unapologetic. He criticized her for being upset, and people were quick to point out that he did not care about her feelings. In the comments of her Instagram post, a fan accused Jordana of trying her best to make Sam fall in love with her. She replied back by saying, “Just here for him not matter what, so I guess you can interpret that however you want.”

On 31 December, 2022, Sam posted a picture with Jordan, standing outside a chopper. The viewers were delighted to see the image, and one suggested that the two should date because they seem genuine. Sam did not deny the suggestion, he responded, ” Ya, Jordan’s amazing. Love Her.” So he doesn’t seem to oppose the idea but somehow doesn’t approve of the relationship when Jordana brings it up on the show. Needless to say, the audience is receiving mixed signals by their Instagram interactions

Everyone is unsure about the exact motives behind the kiss they shared on the show. Was it to sustain their friendship, or did it remark the beginning of a new relationship? Whatever it was, the fans were displeased by this decision because they felt that Sam didn’t care enough about her and had proven the same with his actions. So, for now, it’s safe to say that the duo is not in a relationship until we get an official statement from either of them. 

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