Sam and Kory: Is the Summer House Couple Still Dating?

Image Credits: Sam Feher/ Instagram

Taking to the picturesque scenery of the East Coast, ‘Summer House’ follows a group of nine friends heading to a luxurious house to spend their days partying and enjoying. Unmarred by the issues of mundane chores and daily life, Bravo TV’s reality television show follows nine friends letting loose and focusing on their interpersonal relationships and going to parties. However, as unfettered fun gives way to illicit interactions and saucy revelations, the intensity keeps on increasing.

Since its premiere in 2017, ‘Summer House’ has accrued a large viewership. Of the many interesting personalities on the show, Sam and Kory are two individuals who have made fans curious after their appearance on season 7. So if you want to learn more about their relationship and whether or not they’re together, let’s dive in!

Sam and Kory’s Summer House Journey

Hailing from New York, Sam Feher is an entrepreneur and content creator. On the other hand, Kory Keefer is based in South Carolina at the moment and owns his own gym in Greenville and Seneca. The two first met on fellow ‘Summer House’ co-star Kyle Cooke’s 40th birthday. However, Kory and Sam first interacted with each other through ‘Summer House’ star Paige DeSorbo and her boyfriend, Craig Conover.

While the two had been smitten by each other, they had to take extra precautions since the air was still grey with their past. In season 2 of ‘Winter House,’ Kory hooked up with Jessica Stocker, a relationship that turned sour very soon. Despite the initial reservations that may have hindered their relationship, Kory and Sam still managed to get together in secret. However, the duo had to keep their relationship secret due to the previous issues that still lingered around. So, even though the two got together in 2022, they kept their relationship under wraps.

When Kory Keffer and Craig Conover appeared on ‘Watch What Happens Live,’ the couple had already been dating for a few months but couldn’t disclose the nature of their relationship. However, following the premiere of season 7 of ‘Summer House,’ Sam and Kory’s relationship came to the fore naturally. As such, fans wonder whether the appearance on ‘Summer House’ or any recent disruptions in their dynamic may have led them to a breakup. Luckily, we’ve got all the answers.

Sam and Kory Are Still in a Relationship

Yes, Sam Feher and Kory Keefer are still together. After their relationship was revealed on season 7 of ‘Summer House,’ the couple has been able to break the silence on their love story. The two revealed how they had been smitten with each ever since they first met but weren’t able to display their love in front of the public. The couple has also discussed plans to move closer to each other. Since Kory is based in South Carolina and Sam is in New York, their work and personal commitments require them to head to different places. However, the gym owner has made plans to shift to New York and live in the Big Apple permanently down the line.

As such, the couple is not only going strong but is also planning for their future. Not just this, many speculated that the two would break up just as Kory and Jessica Stocker called it quits. However, Kory took to US Weekly to explain that while he and Jessica had become public, their relationship was far different than what he has with Sam. The South Carolina-based gym guru explained that he and his former costar Jessica were caught in a whirlwind due to their events and surroundings. As such, the two were never really on the same page, and their dynamic was misconstrued as a serious relationship.

However, Kory and Sam have developed their relationship based on trust and have gotten to know each other deeply. Naturally, their relationship soared in season 7 of ‘Summer House.’ Even when explosive drama and tests on friendships were made, they managed to overcome all the surprises that came their way. So, in addition to creating new strides in their professional trajectory as entertainment stars, Sam Feher and Kory Keefer are also enjoying each other’s company publicly. Naturally, we wish the two the best of luck in their future endeavors and hope they make more progress in their personal and professional spheres.

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