Are Sammy and Jess From Love Island UK Still Together?

Eradicating room for doubt and setting the stage for romance to blossom, ‘Love Island’ features several singles who enter a tropical villa secluded from the outside world in a gist to find the one. As individuals come onto the island isolated from reality, they get a chance to unwind and form a connection with the person of their choice. However, with numerous contestants in the mix, the chances of breakups heighten.

Naturally, drama and heartbreak also follow suit in the villa. Season 10 of ‘Love Island UK’ features a similar ebb and flow of romance and heartbreak. Jess Harding and Sammy Root are one of the couples on the reality television show who managed to intrigue fans and viewers. So, if you’re also wondering about their journey outside the show, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Jess and Sammy’s Love Island Journey

Hoping to find a guy she can create a future with, 22-year-old Jess Harding came onto the island searching for love. While the London-based beauty practitioner didn’t find the man of her dreams from the get-go, things changed when Sammy Root, a Kent-based project manager, entered the island. Having joined the show to find the girl of his dreams, the 22-year-old found what he was looking for in Jess. After he entered the villa as a bombshell, the two found an instant connection that translated into coupling up on Day 4.

However, like all couples, Jess and Sammy’s road to happiness was also laden with trials and triumphs. After Mitchel made his attraction for Jess known, Sammy was instantly struck. The pair failed to communicate each other’s opinions clearly and ultimately decided to split. For a while, they tried out the waters with other singles on the island. While Jess shared some time with Mitchel, Sammy also found momentary interest in Leah. However, they ultimately realized their feelings for one another and decided to reunite on Day 37.

While the rest of the season followed the pair’s blissful exchanges, it is evident that their prospective relationship also suffered from bouts of trust issues. Nonetheless, the turbulence that Jess and Sammy faced throughout the season also gave them a chance to prove their unwavering devotion to one another. Ultimately, the couple swiftly made their way to the finals. Even when fans predicted Lochan and Whitney to take away the title, Jess and Sammy’s connection ultimately won the viewers’ hearts. Naturally, fans wonder if the couple has been able to maintain the same streak of love and romance outside the show.

Are Jess and Sammy Still Together?

We are happy to report that Jess and Sammy are still together. Moving on from their crowning victory, the two reality stars are now exploring the splendid vivacity of a romance outside the villa. No longer confined by the walls of the tropical villa, Jess and Sammy look forward to spending time together and regularly going on dates. While their initial days outside the villa have been filled with interviews and podcasts, these commitments have also given the couple time to understand each other better. Overcoming the initial bout of trust issues, Jess and Sammy now share an unwavering faith in one another, to the point that they don’t worry about who the other is texting.

While ‘Love Island UK’ helped the couple create a strong foundation for their relationship, the lovebirds are equally excited about all the adventures they can undertake outside the show. Even though they haven’t moved in together, they have hinted that they plan on creating several milestones in their relationship. While Sammy has confirmed that he wouldn’t ask someone to be his girlfriend without the intention of marrying them, Jess has also made her feelings about children known.

Not only has the couple dropped hints on marriage but also talked about their children in the future. Naturally, Jess and Sammy have successfully warded off the ‘Love Island’ curse and are relishing their newfound romance free from the scrutiny of the cameras. Besides their relationship, the two share an ever-evolving Instagram following. The couple has also dived into modeling and looks forward to diversifying their growing careers. As such, we continue to look forward to all the milestones Jess and Sammy will achieve in the future.

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