Are Scott and DeNeia From My Mom Your Dad Still Together?

As a reality dating series where single parents have flings, and their young adults pull the strings, ‘My Mom, Your Dad‘ brings the possibility of finding love for the second (or third) time into the spotlight. After all, it follows the parents as they move into a house to mingle with one another, unaware that their kids are monitoring and manipulating their every move from just down the block. Amongst the couples formed through this process are the ever-passionate Scott Devoe and DeNeia Hendrix-Johnson. Now, if you’re curious to know more about them, we’ve got the details for you!

Scott and DeNeia’s My Mom, Your Dad Journey

From the moment Scott Devoe laid eyes on DeNeia Hendrix-Johnson after stepping foot into the Second Chance Retreat, he knew that he would be focusing his complete attention and affection on her. He did explore his options by going on the dates set up by the “consultants,” aka their kids, but he always ended up wanting to be close to DeNeia. On the other hand, she was initially more interested in Philip Patrick, that is, until she started talking to Scott and realized how self-aware, honest, and kind he really is. His equal parts caring and goofy personality simply pulled her in.

From cooking DeNeia breakfast almost every morning and making her laugh to complimenting both her beauty and beliefs, Scott did it all to show that he was 100% devoted to her. For DeNeia, though, it was harder to exhibit her fondness towards him explicitly because she got into her head about the interracial aspect of their connection and how that would work in the long run. She did have little physical actions like putting her head on his shoulders to display that she was just as invested, but a candid conversation between them did move things along considerably. That’s when they knew they were a sure thing and even kissed.

Are Scott and DeNeia Still Together?

Scott and DeNeia’s romance started flowing smoothly from the day they first held hands and locked lips, but DeNeia’s son, MJ, was still not convinced that Scott was the right guy for her due to his playful attitude. He was even bothered by how casually they talked about moving in together a few years down the line, thinking that his mother was going way too fast.

Nevertheless, by the end, not only did Scott admit that DeNeia had helped him grow in a way he’d never even expected, but MJ also gave them his blessing. He ultimately saw that his mother was happy and that Scott was willing to make an effort. Therefore, we’re glad to report that Scott and DeNeia could still be together one way or the other. We don’t know the exact details of their relationship as of writing.

Yet, the fact that Scott and DeNeia follow each other and a couple of other family members on social media suggests their continued involvement. Moreover, although the Florida native’s profile is private right now, his comments on the Maryland entrepreneur and public figure’s posts are chummy enough to catch our eye, as seen above. They haven’t confirmed or denied anything themselves just yet, but we’re staying optimistic because love and friendship can sometimes conquer all obstacles.

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