Are Selling Sunset’s Chelsea and Christine Still Friends?

Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset‘ offers an authentic look into the lives of several top-rung real estate agents in Los Angeles. The agents, who are all part of the Oppenheim Group, appear to lead lavish lives while dealing with their professional and social duties. On the other hand, cameras also follow them as they navigate the social scene while engaging in high-octane drama and steamy romances, which adds to the show’s brilliance.

Season 5 of ‘Selling Sunset’ introduced British-Nigerian real estate agent Chelsea Lazkani who joined the group in 2021. Interestingly, immediately upon her arrival, she struck up a close friendship with Christine Quinn, an agent known for involving herself in feuds with other castmates. Still, as Chelsea and Christine’s bond seemed quite authentic, fans are interested to know if they have made it last. Let’s find out!

Chelsea and Christine’s Selling Sunset Journey

After being introduced as a new addition to the Oppenheim group in season 5, Chelsea Lazkani was quick to build up connections within the agency. However, much to everyone’s surprise, she found herself getting drawn toward Christine Quinn, who is arguably the least favorite cast member among fans of the show. Apart from Christine’s several feuds over the previous seasons, she got into a massive altercation with Mary Fitzgerald in the season 4 finale.

Moreover, while fans alleged that Christine faked her pregnancy, a claim refuted by both Christine and Davina Potratz, the controversial real estate agent found herself in hot water once again as her feuds with Chrishell Stause, Mary Fitzgerald, and Heather Rae El Moussa resurfaced. When Chelsea entered the show, she claimed that she did not have any prior bond with the Oppenheim agents but later went on to mention that she adored Christine once they got to know each other. Nevertheless, Chelsea refused to lose herself in the ongoing fight as she refrained from taking sides.

Instead, after building a close friendship with Christine, Chelsea also went on to form connections with the other agents, especially Emma. Moreover, in an interview with People Magazine, the newcomer talked about the ongoing feud and her friendships. She said, “Working with these ladies, who are so professional, consistent, and disciplined, I was really inspired by them.” She added, “I’m like a lone soldier. I ebb and flow, and I don’t really move at those vibrations…I understand they may have had drama, but I am here to form my own unique relationships.”

However, from the looks of it, Christine managed to find herself an ally after falling out with most of her castmates in season 4. Chelsea and Christine seem to share similar views, which makes their incredible bond appear even more natural. On the other hand, it is really refreshing to witness how Chelsea did not care about Christine’s standing or her past and chose to be her friend because she liked her as a person. So, where do the two stand now?

Are Chelsea and Christine Still Friends?

Interestingly, Chelsea and Christine don’t interact much on social media, but they finished season 5 on pretty good terms. Hence, they are likely to remain friends even now. Although Chelsea built up connections with other cast members, she maintained a special bond with Christine Quinn. On the other hand, Christine found a rare friend in Chelsea and was quite unwilling to jeopardize their camaraderie. From their interactions, it seemed like they were getting ready to take on the competition together, and the duo did make quite a compelling team in the real estate business.

Moreover, Christine and Chelsea got closer over the course of the fifth season as the latter seemed unwilling to pay any heed to Christine’s previous reputation; instead, she tried to get to know her personally. At present, both Christine and Chelsea seemingly prefer a life of privacy and are busy spending time with their respective families. However, considering their incredible connection and how strong their bond grew throughout season 5, we can safely assume that they are friends to this very day.

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