Are Sibeth and Tormada Dead in See? [Spoilers]

In the series finale of the Apple TV+ show ‘See,’ the writers offer an epic, satisfactory, albeit bittersweet ending. All the main characters in season 3 receive a fitting conclusion to their respective stories, including Sibeth (Sylvia Hoeks) and Tormada (David Hewlett), the two main villains. Sibeth has been a prevalent antagonist since the first season, while Tormada is introduced in season 2. Despite their astronomical differences, Sibeth and Tormada find common ground as they join forces to attack Pennsa, which is under the control of Sibeth’s sister, Maghra. If you are wondering whether Sibeth and Tormada survive in ‘See,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Sibeth Dead?

Sibeth Kane is Maghra’s older sister and the queen of Paya at the start of the series. She is eventually removed from the position as the queen and is arrested for starting a war with the Trivantians. Despite all the horrors she has committed, her sister refuses to punish her. Maghra is even more reluctant when the Trivantians ask her to hand Sibeth to them. Sibeth eventually escapes custody with Kofun’s help., using their son Wolffe as leverage. However, the moment she learns that Wolffe is blind like her and doesn’t possess the sense of sight like his father, she quickly forgets about the child. Sibeth even gives up on the entire notion of becoming the mother of sighted children after realizing that it will not serve her politically.

After Sibeth has what she clearly thinks is a spiritual experience, she reaches out to renegade Witchfinders and convinces them to serve her. They then ambush Tormada’s forces, and Sibeth effectively gains control of the man’s bombs. She and Tormada are vastly different in terms of their upbringing and personal beliefs. However, at the same time, each sees the value that the other possesses, making them almost perfect allies. In the last few episodes of the series, the combined forces of Sibeth and Tormada attack Pennsa. As the bombing commences, Maghra decides to lead the people out of the city through a secret underground tunnel. But their enemies find out about their plan and force them to come out.

When Maghra approaches Sibeth and Tormada’s position, the former goes to speak to her sister, not heeding her partner’s warning. Sibeth believes Maghra incapable of fooling her, and that false sense of security ultimately proves to be her undoing. The sisters connect while reminiscing about their shared past, but Sibeth tells Maghra that she still has to kill her. Maghra accepts before suddenly pulling out the blade her sister keeps under her skin and fatally stabbing her with it. A stunned subsequently dies in her sister’s arms.

Is Tormada Dead?

Tormada is the science officer in the Trivantian army. Before his death, Edo Voss appointed him in charge of the House of Enlightenment. In season 3, Tormada wreaks havoc with his bombs. He establishes control over the Trivantian empire before venturing toward Paya to conquer the kingdom. This is when Sibeth and her Witchfinders ambush them.

During the climactic battle, Ranger, who has been the victim of the Tormada’s torture and cruelty, faces off against the scientist. Tormada tries to use small bombs to kill Ranger, but the latter holds him down over one of the bombs. After it explodes, Ranger kills the man by stabbing him through the eye, finally gaining revenge.

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