Will Kofun Become the King after Maghra in See? Theories

After a three-season-long run, Steven Knight’s Apple TV+ series ‘See’ comes to an end in a spectacular and satisfactory fashion. Over the years, there have been many popular shows that have failed to stick the landing. The Same can’t be said about ‘See,’ where the series finale offers sensational action and a fitting end to various characters. While the overall ending is somewhat bittersweet, it’s still brimming with optimism.

Portrayed by Archie Madekwe, Kofun is one of the main characters in ‘See.’ He is one of the two sighted stepchildren of Baba Voss (Jason Momoa), the other being his twin sister Haniwa. If you are wondering whether he will become king of Paya after Maghra, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Kofun Become King?

In the world of ‘See,’ humanity has been nearly wiped out because of a viral pandemic. The descendants of the survivors lost their sense of sight. The series begins at a time when sight starts to return to the world. However, as sight has been gone for so long, people have come to regard it negatively. They blame the downfall of human civilization on their ancestors’ sense of sight, and the prevalent religion of the region considers sight to be witchcraft, an affront to their god.

In such a hostile world, Kofun and Haniwa grow up. Fortunately, they have Baba watching over them. A former slaver, Baba has become the leader of the Alkenny Tribe when he meets the twins’ mother, Maghra. Although they are not his biological children, Baba loves Kofun and Haniwa fiercely and devotes himself to keeping the twins safe. Although Kofun and Haniwa have been brought up by the same parents and have similar life experiences, their outlooks on the sense of sight and life, in general, are completely opposite. While Haniwa wants to embrace the gift they are given, Kofun despises it because it makes him feel alone in the world. At the end of the series, the twins get what they individually want.

In the series finale, Sibeth’s death and Baba’s sacrifice ensure that Maghra’s reign will now be peaceful. Peace with the Trivantians comes as well, even though Maghra dismisses their demand of making sight unlawful. Haniwa ultimately leaves with Wren after receiving a map from Sheva, which leads them to the New York Public Library.

About a year passes, and Kofun proves himself in front of his mother’s advisors. When Maghra asks him to succeed her, Kofun makes a drastic decision. He tells his mother that he has seen enough. If he is to become king, he needs to experience the world the way most of his subjects do. He believes that it will make him a better father to Wolffe, who was born blind. Although Maghra doesn’t contradict this, she warns her son that if he does this thing, he can never go back. Kofun seems to have no qualms about that part. Although we don’t see Kofun undergoing the transition or his life afterward, we can safely assume that he does give up his sense of sight. In his last shot, Kofun watches the sunrise with his son in his arms before closing his eyes.

Yes, Kofun will become king after Maghra. He is not only Maghra’s chosen heir but also has proven to his people he is capable of making sacrifices to be a great ruler.

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