Are Tamara Falco and Inigo Onieva Still Together?

With Netflix’s aptly entitled ‘Lady Tamara’ giving us an inside look into the life of Spanish aristocrat and socialite Tamara Falcó, aspects like glamor, fame, as well as hard work take center stage. That’s because this reality series follows the 6th Marchioness of Griñón as she navigates not only her vibrant career but also her personal time with family and her romance with Íñigo Onieva. So now, if you wish to learn more about the latter — with a specific focus on their key experiences throughout the love affair and their current standing — we’ve got the essential details for you.

Tamara and Íñigo’s Lady Tamara Journey

It was reportedly back in the late 2010s when influencer Tamara was at such a stage in her life that she was simply tired of games she’d caught onto in her several unsuccessful relationships. The devout Roman Catholic briefly even considered giving everything up to become a nun, only to soon find herself praying for “the one” while on a trip to San Antonio with some close friends. That’s when hospitality executive Íñigo Onieva Molas (around eight years her junior) suddenly came into her life through a mutual affiliate, leading to a connection no one ever truly expected.

“When I saw him in [my friend’s] photos on Instagram, I said, ‘Come on, he’s so annoying,'” Tamara admitted in the Netflix series. “Always showing off and so on. You know? But when I met him, he had a very deep side and, above all, a very affectionate side. Little by little, I got to know another side of him, one that he didn’t share much.” On the other hand, Íñigo said he initially believed the public figure used to “dress up for him” owing to the beautiful smiles he thought she freely gave, just for her to assert it was “all in his head.” However, their bond did evolve into much more as they got closer, and they became official near the fall of 2020.

“Íñigo has been a surprise for me,” the socialite-turned-chef revealed at one point in the production, “If someone said three years ago that I would be with him, I would’ve said, ‘never in a million years’ because he’s so different from me… [We] are very different, but we complement each other.” Tamara even went as far as to concede they argue a lot, yet “even though sometimes it feels like the end of the world, we come back stronger because we love each other.” And that’s despite (seemingly baseless) rumors of his infidelity as well as public pressure to move quickly.

Are Tamara and Íñigo Still Together?

Tamara and Íñigo admittedly rarely see eye to eye, as evidenced in ‘Lady Tamara’ by the comparison of her religious dedications with his frequent night outs (he owns the Lula Club in Gran Vía, Madrid). Nevertheless, they’ve still happily managed to make things work because there’s no disrespect, no games, and continuous support for both personal as well as professional growth from either side. Tamara actually indicated they’re confident in who they are as individuals, which automatically makes them feel deeply secure in their romantic relationship, creating all the difference in the world.

In other words, since Tamara and Íñigo know when to give one another space to explore individual ventures, they’re not only together at the moment but are also stronger than ever. If you wish for proof of the same, you don’t have to look any further than their Instagram accounts — she’s on a pilgrimage in Bosnia, whereas he’s on a dreamy vacation in Turkey and Lebanon as of writing, yet it’s clear they’re still involved.

Neither Tamara nor Íñigo post cheesy captions on their online platforms to express their feelings, but their cozy pictures and public interviews make it known well enough. The former has actually often referred to the hospitality executive as the love of her life before adding that she does want a marriage and a family with him one day down the line.

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