Are Trick Daddy and Joy From Love & Hip Hop Still Together?

‘Love & Hip Hop’ is a franchise of reality television shows that focus on the personal and professional lives of hip-hop and R&B musicians, performers, executives, and music producers who live in various cities around the country. The fourth spin-off of the original, ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami,’ debuted on VH1 on January 1, 2018, and showcases the lives of the hip-hop musicians that reside in the Miami region. The series is a favorite among viewers because it provides an intimate peek into the personal lives of musicians, particularly those connected to Southern hip hop, Latin music, and reggaeton.

Maurice Samuel Young AKA Trick Daddy, a well-known rapper from Miami’s Liberty City, has been a core cast member of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ since season 1. Following a successful cameo on the song “Scarred” by Luther “Luke” Campbell, a former member of 2 Live Crew, the eccentric rapper emerged from Liberty City’s streets to release his debut album ‘Based on a True Story’ in 1997. The album quickly gained popularity in Miami, which paved the way for his subsequent album in 1998, ‘’

Since then, Trick Daddy’s career has been on the rise. However, his appearance on the reality show increased his fans’ attention to his private life. Trick Daddy’s tumultuous relationship with his estranged wife, Amane Joy Burnett Young AKA Joy Young has fascinated many viewers, which is why their current status is a question among many fans. If you’re curious to know the same, here’s what we found out!

Trick Daddy and Joy Young’s Love & Hip Hop Journey

Trick Daddy and Joy Young tied the knot in 2003. Since their wedding, Joy remained an integral part of Miami’s hip-hop culture, also for being related to rapper Trina, her cousin. Hence, the couple was together for a long time before appearing on ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ in 2018. Joy is a social media influencer and entrepreneur who is now the founder of a custom hair extension and organic skincare brand, New Roots. However, in season 1, viewers got to see that the couple reportedly always had a complicated relationship.

The pair had been separated from each other for more than 4 years before appearing on the show. Therefore, they went through a complex situation where they, especially Trick Daddy, did not wish to deal with their separation. The established rapper seemed to still have feelings for his estranged wife but stayed away from confronting his feelings, making things even more complicated. On the other hand, Joy originally decided to separate from Trick but couldn’t successfully get an answer from her husband.

Throughout seasons 1 and 2, Joy tried to communicate with Trick, making him understand her side of the story. It is important to mention that Trick suffers from an autoimmune disease called Lupus, that affects his skin, but the problem was that he refused to take medicines or measures to combat the disease. However, when asked by his wife to do the same and take care of himself, the rapper seemed to dismiss her concerns. Joy further admitted that the rapper’s lack of effort for his health and wellness were significant reasons for her decision to divorce.

The first three seasons of the show mainly dealt with Joy’s efforts to finalize their divorce and Trick going back and forth on the decision. Additionally, season 3 also featured Trick’s girlfriend for some time, Nikki Natural. But they broke up soon after Nikki was introduced to Joy, and the two ladies got caught up in an argument where Trick sided with his Joy. The end of season 3 also saw the rapper trying to mend things with Joy and accepting her suggestions on a healthy lifestyle which prompted Joy to re-consider her decision on the divorce.

However, season 4 eventually witnessed things between Trick and Joy go back to being not so cordial. Their relationship did not mend as their fans might have hoped, and they both seemed to be dating other people. However, since the couple was not officially divorced and still appeared on the show together, the question still lingered as to what their current relationship status is. Did the couple work things out and get back together or have they separated for good? Here’s what we know!

Are Trick Daddy and Joy Young Still Together?

We are sorry to be the bearer of sad news, but it seems like Trick Daddy and Joy Young’s complicated yet eventful relationship is still in the rough patches. As per the latest updates, the couple has moved forward from their fiddly situation and started dating other people. In a morning show podcast, ‘The Breakfast Club’ with radio station Power 105.1, Trick talked about their separate lives and that he doesn’t mind Joy dating anyone, as long as they’re still legally married.

Trick’s theory of not getting divorced involves him only wanting to get married once throughout his life. He further added, “The only way I’ll get divorced, is if my girl want me to marry her. In my mind right now, I’m like a Duke point guard. One & done.” Clarifying the confusion seen from the hosts’ expressions, he said that if his current girlfriend wanted to marry him, only then will he get divorced from Joy. He also wanted Joy to leave his last name if she ever wanted to get divorced. But he still preferred that they date other people while remaining married.

Trick added, “And leave it like that. She going to hell with me.” He also spoke about the conditions while dating other guys, saying, “I allow her to date. But now, I need to start evaluating these dudes who you’re messing with ‘cause these is my boyfriends and husbands in-laws.” Clarifying about boyfriends and husbands in-laws, he said, “Because that’s my wife’s boyfriend so he’s my boyfriend-in-law, and I’m his girlfriend’s husband so I’m his husband-in-law. And we need to get along and you need to take care of my wife. They need to do what they need to do.” However, Joy is yet to offer her take on the whole issue.

Joy and Trick don’t have kids of their own, but they have a long history where Joy helped him with his kids and knew about his financial hardships in providing child support for them. Though one might hope that there is a slight possibility they might mend their differences and get back together, it seems far-fetched considering their recent history. On the professional front, both Trick and Joy run quite successful businesses that include Trick’s ventures like Sunday’s restaurant and his cooking show ‘B-tch I Got My Pots.’ Thus, whatever happens, we can only hope they at least remain on cordial terms and wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors.

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