Are Vanessa and Nick From Selling Sunset Still Together?

Although soap actress turned real estate agent Vanessa Villela only made her debut on Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset‘ in season 4 in 2021, she immediately won the fans over with her sheer authenticity. After all, the Mexican American personality never shied away from following her passion or expressing her emotions, going as far as to openly admit that she first got into real estate owing to her late sister, Jackie. So now that the subsequent installment has given us a deeper insight into Vanessa’s experiences, especially those tied to her partner Nick, let’s find out more about their relationship, shall we?

Vanessa and Nick’s Selling Sunset Journey

Vanessa first came across professional photographer Nick Hardy (better known as Tom Fraud, a pseudonym he took up to represent both art and freedom) on Raya in October 2020, where they simply clicked. Their initial interactions were just casual texts that soon turned flirtatious, only for them to continue communicating this way for about three months before meeting face to face for the first time in Mexico. That’s because while she’s based in Los Angeles, he’s from the UK, making them believe her homeland would be the perfect place for them to get to know one another better.

The duo’s trip was supposed to last ten days, but because they felt extremely comfortable and just couldn’t let go, it turned into a two-month romantic getaway during which they realized they’d found the one. Yes, the ensuing period was hard for both Vanessa and Nick due to the long distance — no matter how much they stayed in touch or traveled to be together — yet they managed to make it work. It was impossible for them not to be heartbroken every time they parted ways, but the couple also knew their future would be brighter down the road, and they were right.

Since the realtor and the Creative + Managing Director of Lascivious couldn’t spend every moment in the same vicinity as they wanted, Nick pledged forever to Vanessa after nine months of being together. “I know you’re super concerned about how long I’m going to be gone,” Nick said in the series while getting emotional, making his girlfriend tear up as well. “And I know we’ve talked about being away from each other. This is so difficult for me because I don’t want to leave… I just wanted to give you this [promise ring], and I want you to wear it…This represents my promise to you. I love you so much.”

Are Vanessa and Nick Still Together?

We’re happy to report that not only are Vanessa and Nick still going strong, but he has also made good on his vow by proposing in January 2022 — almost a year since their first actual meeting. The former telenovela star revealed this delightful news through an Instagram post comprising a video of the moment she saw her partner down on one knee at sunset at LA’s Griffith Observatory, along with a few photos of their excitement afterward. “Two souls, one heart! I SAID YESSSSSS 💍❤️❤️❤️❤️,” the accomplished woman who was considering leaving her job/life in the States for love (but thankfully did not) penned, in part, for the caption.

Vanessa added, “One year ago, I met the man of my dreams; the one [who] makes my heart skip every time, the man that makes me better in every single way, the man that I respect, adore, admire, and love with all my heart. You came into my life when I least expected it, and you came to make my dreams come true. Our love story is like a movie, and you are my prince!!”

“I can’t believe I manifested you, the man that is what I always dreamt and more, I can’t believe that I am living this life,” the Los Angeles-based real estate agent continued. “You paint the stars in my heart, and even when I think it can’t be possible to be better, there you go painting more stars in it. ✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟 You are my best friend, my man, my pajaro, my hero, my everything. TE AMO @tomfraud Thank you for making me the happiest girl in the galaxy 💫 My future husband to be🥰❤️❤️❤️.”

Even Nick gushed about their romance on his profile, as seen above, going as far as to call Vanessa his “match,” his “twin flame,” and the “love of my life.” He then wrote, in part, “We already have a MILLION Memories together and It’s only been 483 days! I can’t imagine my life without you Vanessa! I love you with all my heart + soul and I can’t wait to call you my Wife and spend the rest of our lives together.”

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