Assisted Living Renewed For Season 5 at BET+

BET+ has renewed the sitcom ‘Assisted Living’ for season 5. The filming of the fifth round is slated to begin in Atlanta, Georgia, this month. This sitcom, also known as ‘Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living,’ is the brainchild of creator Tyler Perry, who serves as an executive producer of the show.

The series boasts a talented crew, led by Perry, along with the creative contributions of producers/executive producers Angi Bones, Mark Swinton, Will Areu, and Tony Strickland. Crystal Garrett takes the helm as the principal writer, adding her narrative expertise to the team’s collaborative efforts. Together, this dynamic crew plays a crucial role in bringing the show’s fifth season to life.

In the fourth season finale, Philip rebels against what he perceives as parental overreach, feeling unfairly treated like a child and resisting their imposed punishment. Meanwhile, Mr. Brown finds himself in hot water after innocently sending Kimberly a text message that inadvertently leads to unforeseen trouble. In the anticipated fifth season, viewers can expect the exploration of Mr. Brown and Cora’s pivotal role as investors in the retirement home, stepping in during a crucial hour of need. The question remains: will their partnership endure for yet another season?

David Mann takes on the role of Mr. Brown, alongside Tamela Mann as Cora, J. Anthony Brown as Vinny, Na’im Lynn as Jeremy, Courtney Nichole as Leah, Tayler Buck as Sandra, and Alex Henderson as Phillip. The main cast members are expected to return to the fifth round. Furthermore, the upcoming season may feature Tayler Buck (Sandra), Nicolas S. Duvernay (Lindor), Alretha Thomas (Anastasia Devereaux), Damien Leake (Reginald June), and Chet Aknewe (Efe Omowafe).

Atlanta has consistently stood as a bustling hub of entertainment production, with several notable releases of this year, including major productions like Netflix’s ‘Pain Hustlers‘ and ‘Reptile‘ and Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion,’ emerging from this vibrant filming destination. The city also hosted the filming of the show’s previous seasons.

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