Autumn Nielson: The Circle Participant is Now Expanding Her Horizons

If there’s only one word we can use to describe Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ season 6, it would have to be engaging considering the way it has managed to keep up its charm while also being unique. The prime reasons behind this are obviously the new set of diverse contestants as well as the non-convoluted twists and turns added at every step of the way. Amongst the former is actually Autumn Nielson, whose entry midway through the season (in episode 6) shook everything up in a way no one could’ve expected.

Autumn Nielson Has Always Been Authentically Herself

From the moment 21-year-old Murfreesboro, Tennessee, resident Autumn came across our screens in her cowboy hat and boots, it was evident she is a country girl through and through. She even candidly said, “I consider myself a redneck ’cause we really have that ‘we just don’t give a damn’ attitude and we’re always gonna be the life of the party.” The fact she’s a professional ranch hand also plays a role in this self-description of hers, following which she made it clear she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty.

Obviously Autumn meant this in a strategic way, meaning that since she is sticking to who she is and what she does in this game, she’ll do anything to make it to the end. “I’m going to be playing my complete genuine, weird, redneck self. My strategy is obviously to try to build some alliances, and I am not at all afraid to flirt. I am weird, genuine, compassionate. I have that ‘don’t give a damn attitude,’ and I am not afraid to get dirty. I definitely want to win ‘The Circle’ and I will do everything in my power to do so.”

But alas, Autumn’s early days in this social experiment did not pan out in the way she’d expected, especially after her first conversation with Paul (played by her elder sister Caress). That’s because a ranking almost immediately followed, within which he was rated low and Cassie was eliminated by the influencers, making her doubt more than a few things. And then came the Ride-or-Die aspect she was paired with Lauren, which meant that if one of them were to be booted off, the other would automatically follow.

This was still okay for Autumn despite her feeling like a weak link since she had no clear alliances or connections, but it was the ensuing anonymous game of Most and Least Likely that broke her. After all, she was deemed Most Likely in every negative thing, even by her partner who did it in jest, making her feel as if everybody was ganging up on her in the worst way. Her smile dropped and it was clear this game had triggered something from her past, driving her to play more carefully, but it didn’t pan out the way she wanted.

Where is Autumn Nielson Now?

In the end, though, it doesn’t seem as if Autumn regrets a single moment of her time in ‘The Circle,’ as evidenced by her social media platforms too she’s proud she remained true to herself. Then, coming to her current standing, it seems like she’s still based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, but she’s much, much more than a ranch hand she’s a rising public figure, hobbyist dancer, and entrepreneur. In fact, she has her own brand by the name of Western Spitfire, launched on April 1, 2024, through which she deals in apparel and home goods.

We should also mention that it looks like Autumn is no longer single. She’d expressed in the show she could flirt but is not looking for love unless there’s a true blue-collar man around. And it seems like she has since found that in Lukas Karmuza, a Nashville cowboy who appears to be as into dancing, fitness, and weight-lifting as her. Recently, he actually even posted a photo of them looking sizzling together on Instagram, alongside which he wrote, “Find the one that’s as driven as you are, makes you laugh constantly, and has April feeling hotter’n August 🥵🔥.”

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