Jordan Staff: The Circle Player is a Professional Photographer Today

With Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ coming back with a banger season 6 after more than a year of radio silence, we get catfishes, drama, fights, and intimate relationships in a way like never before. After all, it is full of unexpected twists at every step, including an actual AI player, backstabbing strategies, plus contestants pretending to be just slightly different versions of their authentic selves. Amongst the latter is none other than Jordan Staff, aka Big J, who joined this wild installment mere days prior to the halfway mark before quickly establishing himself as one to watch out for.

Jordan Staff Played a Tactical Game

From the moment 24-year-old Jordan came across our screens, it was evident he’s a determined, passionate, as well as strong-minded being, making his position in the circle wavy from the get-go. The truth is that since he came in once, the game had already begun; he felt like he needed to catch up in more ways than one so as to make it all the way to the end and way away with a $100,000 cash prize. However, he made the mistake of leading the conversations in such a manner rather than letting the times divulge information themselves.

Therefore, of course, the second Myles indicated he had tea in his very first message to Jordan as he stepped in; the latter took the bait and let the former spill wherever he deemed necessary. But alas, just a short while later, the latter realized it wasn’t the place to be, especially as he was looking to boost up his own ratings. In other words, in order to get QT and Kyle in his corner – two of Kyle’s biggest supporters – he decided to boot him out, but sadly, it did not work in his favor. It was Cassie who walked out in his first blocking, followed by an unexpected player.

That’s when Jordan concocted a master plan and laid out his strategy right in front of QT in the hopes she’d see Myles as a threat and eliminate him before it got too let, but she obviously didn’t. After all, he was her “#CircleBoo” and she felt as if they really could make it all the way to the end right alongside Kyle, which means her targets were completely opposite than that of Jordan’s. However, although fans initially might have assumed QT would begin gunning for him next, she actually respected his play and simply decided to let her alliances figure everything out.

Where is Jordan Staff Now?

Although Jordan had come into ‘The Circle’ as Big J – the him of two years ago, prior to his weight loss – he played as himself, just for it to unfortunately not pan out in the way he’d hoped. In his own words, the reason he did so is because his photos now are quite douchy despite him being a queer male, and he wanted to be immediately liked. Therefore, he thought that using pictures of himself from before his significant physical glow-up would be best, especially as it would make him come across as a big cuddly teddy bear more than anything else. He even managed to maintain a younger, overwhelmed brotherly vibe with a few of the female players, pushing him forward every single day.

As for where Jordan stands now, considering the filming of season 6 concluded in 2023, he is now back to living a good life in Austin, Texas, where he serves as a photographer. His social media platforms are actually proof of the fact he’s a travel enthusiast and creative being, especially considering his recent shoots and trips to The Bahamas as well as Hawaii. On the other hand, coming to his personal connections, it appears as if he’s currently in a happy, healthy, long-term relationship with Joshua Williams, with whom he actually plans to have a family one day.

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