Are Avery and Ash From 90 Day Fiance Together?

’90 Day Fiance’ on TLC explores couples whose love stories transcend borders. While there is a hint of a fairy tale among partners who spend a period together and then decide to tie the knot, one of the more pragmatic couples has been Avery and Ash. They have both been married and have kids from previous relationships. Having walked down this road before, you’d expect the two to be good at relationships. However, they’ve had a bumpy road with Avery mistrusting Ash for speaking to numerous single women as a life coach.

Visiting him in Australia doesn’t help either since she realizes how close he is to his family and is also put off by some of Ash’s more traditional ideas about gender roles. Has the couple survived the bumps in their relationship?

Are Avery and Ash Still Together?

Unfortunately, Avery and Ash seem to have broken up already. When a fan asked Ash if they were together, he commented ‘no’ before quickly deleting it. Avery, on her part, has posted a ‘revenge body’ image, which people often go for after their breakups. It seems to indicate that the two aren’t together anymore.

Ash has noted that he still loves Avery and might reconcile again if the latter wants to get back together. On that note, he’s also revealed that he hasn’t moved on to anyone new. Ash brought a disturbing aspect of his relationship to light when he shared that Avery had ghosted him before he revealed their chances of being on the TLC show. However, he’s defended his ex, saying that she might have seen the show as a way of reconnecting. Check out Ash speaking about his relationship with Avery.

Avery and Ash 90 Day Fiance Spoilers:

It remains to be seen what Avery and Ash have to say in the Tell-All episode. Perhaps they will detail what ultimately broke them up. However, we happen to know that Avery has a falling out with Tom, who’s with Darcey. So how did individuals from two different relationships lock horns? Well, Tom and Ash got along, and the latter asked him to test Avery’s loyalty. Two days after Ash and Avery broke up, Tom asked her out, and she responded with a yes.

Once she realized she had been set up, Avery was not too pleased and confronts Tom about it in the Tell-All. Viewers have found Ash and Tom’s move somewhat problematic as well. However, the Tell-All episode will clarify that Ash is not the villain that he was made out to be. Avery has acted crazy in the relationship as well, which resulted in the two splitting up.

Most recently, Avery and Ash have taken the time to speak out about the Black Lives Matter protests that have been raging in the US, after the demise of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police. You can see Ash’s post here.

And, here’s Avery’s post about the movement.

Both Ash and Avery seem to be single currently, and it remains to be seen if they get back together in the future. For now, Avery is looking forward to the next season.

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