Is Génesis Based on Kevin Tapia’s Real Girlfriend?

In Netflix’s crime drama series ‘Baby Bandito,’ Génesis is the girlfriend of Kevin Tapia, who sets out to rob a consignment of six billion Chilean pesos from a security truck after learning about it from the infamous “Butchers.” Génesis leaves her family and partner to get together with Kevin and be an integral part of the group behind the heist. Although the other robbers express their suspicion regarding her inclusion at first, it doesn’t take long for Génesis to win their trust. The character is a counterpart of a real person. However, the writers of the series combined several fictional details into the characterization of Génesis for the show!

The Inspiration Behind Génesis

Génesis is partially based on the real-life girlfriend of Kevin Olguín Sepúlveda, the inspiration behind the protagonist Kevin Tapia. ‘Baby Bandito’ offers a heavily fictionalized version of Génesis’ life. First of all, she was never a part of the group of robbers who stole around six billion Chilean pesos from a security truck at the Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport in Santiago, Chile. In the series, Génesis is one of the robbers who accompany Kevin while robbing the truck. In reality, Kevin’s accomplices were Marcelo Moya, Alexis Niñoles Rivas, Cristián Niñoles, Mario Vásquez, Francisco Morales, Roque Quintanilla, and Alfredo Álvarez.

Furthermore, there are no reports available to confirm that Génesis was the reason behind Kevin’s arrest as the crime drama depicts. In the show, Génesis contacts her mother after getting kidnapped by a group in Italy, only for the woman to reach out to the authorities. The officials then surround Kevin, who gets arrested and sentenced to time in prison while his girlfriend remains free. In reality, Kevin’s arrest had nothing to do with his partner. He was arrested in Barcelona, Spain, accidentally as he was spotted by a group of patrol officers along with two alleged burglars.

When the officers checked Kevin’s bag, the officers reportedly found “burglary tools” and latex gloves, which generated suspicion in them. They then checked the fingerprints of Kevin, only for them to discover an international arrest warrant issued to capture him. Kevin was then arrested and extradited to Chile without any involvement of Génesis. Her kidnapping can be another fictional detail as well. There aren’t any reports of her getting kidnapped by a group in Italy and Kevin giving his share of stolen money to retrieve her. The particular storyline can be the creation of the writers to depict the runaway couple’s fall.

The writers of the series wanted their work to depict the fall of the robbers to avoid any glorification of real-life crimes and criminals. Through the kidnapping storyline, the show succeeds in showing that Kevin doesn’t end up in “heaven” as he wanted by stealing the monetary consignment. Génesis’ kidnapping makes it clear that peace and prosperity are hard to garner after committing crimes and becoming criminals. However, the show gets one thing right. According to the Mexican newspaper El Universal, Kevin and Génesis did “become parents” as the crime drama depicts.

While in Europe, Kevin and Génesis’ identity nearly unraveled when a journalist encountered her in Italy. The journalist wanted to talk to the members of the Chilean community in the country in the wake of an earthquake that happened in the Coquimbo region of Chile. The journalist’s presence made Génesis fear that the former wanted to give her partner’s name to Chilean police, as per Corriere Milano.

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