Netflix’s Baby Bandito: All Filming Locations

Based on the real-life robbery that occurred in Chile in 2014, Netflix’s ‘Baby Bandito’ is a Chilean biographical crime drama series that centers upon a charismatic skater named Kevin who loves his girlfriend, Genesis, dearly and wishes to give her all the good things that money can buy. So, when Kevin discovers the plan of a dangerous gang to steal seven million dollars from the airport, he decides to make the most of the information and hijack their plan to rob the money for himself and his girlfriend.

After Kevin pulls off Chile’s biggest heist, he gets embroiled in a deadly situation where everyone’s fortunes are at risk. The action show is led by the compelling performance of Nicolás Contreras, and other talented actors in supporting roles, such as Francisca Armstrong, Pablo Macaya, Marcelo Alonso, Carmen Zabala, and Lukas Vergara. A majority of the story unfolds across Santiago, Chile, sparking some curiosity about the actual filming locations of ‘Baby Bandito.’

Where is Baby Bandito Filmed?

‘Baby Bandito’ is filmed in Chile and Italy, particularly in Santiago and seemingly in Rome. According to reports, principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the crime series got underway in June 2023 and went on for several months. So, let us traverse through all the shooting sites that fill up the backdrop of the Netflix production!

Santiago, Chile

The capital of Chile — Santiago — serves as one of the primary production locations of ‘Baby Bandito.’ The filming unit takes over different streets and neighborhoods of the city and shoots several pivotal sequences against suitable backdrops. While the sprawling cityscape establishes the exterior setting, various actual establishments are utilized to tape important indoor scenes. Moreover, it is possible that the production team sets up camp in a sound stage of one of the film studios located in and around the city of Santiago.

Carolina Leconte, director of series and movies for Chile at Netflix, expressed her joy to film the series in Chile and passed a statement. She stated, “We are very happy to continue producing series in Chile. We want to continue betting on stories and local talent and we are sure that together with Fabula we will make Baby Bandito thrill all our members not only in Chile but also in the rest of the world.” Besides ‘Baby Bandito,’ the locales of Santiago have also been featured in other notable productions, such as ‘Knock Knock,’ ‘Neruda,’ ‘Allende en su laberinto,’ and ‘The Wolf House.’

Rome, Italy

Reports suggest that the cast and crew members of ‘Baby Bandito’ even supposedly travel to the Italian capital of Rome. It seems that they were spotted by numerous local onlookers and passersby in the picturesque streets of Rome, taping key portions during the shooting schedule of the debut season. Embellished with so much history, the city of Rome provides additional beauty to any production, and it possibly does so for the Chilean series as well. In the backdrop of certain scenes, one might spot some culturally significant monuments, including the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, the Piazza della Rotonda, the Saint Peter’s Basilica, and Castel Sant’Angelo.

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