Baby Bandito: Do Kevin and Génesis End Up Together?

Kevin Tapia and Génesis form a strong relationship in Netflix’s crime drama series ‘Baby Bandito.’ Since Kevin’s upbringing is drastically different from the background of Génesis, the latter’s parents stand against their relationship, making it harder for the couple to unite. Still, Génesis leaves her father and mother to get together with the love of her life. Her decision, however, also makes her a part of the group of robbers who steal six billion Chilean pesos from a security truck. The couple then dreams of living the lives of a prince and princess and succeeds in doing the same but only until the cops come in between them! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Kevin and Génesis’ Union

Kevin and Génesis’ decision and wish to remain together gets threatened when the latter gets kidnapped by a group of men in Italy. Feeling helpless, Génesis contacts her mother, who protects her daughter by leading the authorities to Kevin. Even after Kevin’s arrest, the couple tries their best to be together, especially for the sake of their child Giovanni. Génesis asks her man to take advantage of her pregnancy to get out of the prison and visit her at a hospital. During the visit, Kevin runs away from the police officers to eventually elope with his wife and son.

The series then ends without depicting whether Kevin succeeds in ending up together with Genesis. He goes to Panda seeking money, only for the latter to call the Butchers to exact his vengeance on his best friend. Meanwhile, the Panther and Mistica arrive at the place to his rescue. The Panther sacrifices himself to shield Kevin, who runs away, likely to reunite with Génesis. As far as the heavily fictionalized narrative of the series is concerned, Kevin and Génesis may have ended up together after the former escapes from the Butchers. The reality, however, is different.

Kevin Olguín Sepúlveda, the inspiration behind Kevin Tapia, did flee from the authorities after getting released with non-custodial precautionary measures before the Chilean judicial system issued a verdict in his case. His attempts to stay away from the law lasted only for around two years as he was eventually arrested in a commune named Maipú. He then got out of prison but was arrested again in 2021 for targeting a truck that was transporting cigarettes. According to the Italian media outlet TODAY, Kevin is still in prison, which makes it clear that he hasn’t been able to reunite with his family for good.

Since Kevin’s arrest, Génesis has stayed away from the spotlight after choosing to keep her life private. El Universal, a Mexican newspaper, did confirm that she and Kevin did become “parents” before the latter’s arrest. It is uncertain whether their relationship still exists, especially after his arrests one after the other. We can expect a detailed look into their togetherness after Kevin’s arrest in the second season of the crime drama series if it materializes. Netflix hasn’t billed the show as a limited series, which indicates that a sophomore installment is a possibility.

If the second season materializes, we may see Kevin jeopardizing his newfound freedom for the sake of uniting with Génesis and Giovanni. They may try to elope once again with their child as Kevin originally planned before Panda betrayed his best friend’s trust in him. Since Génesis’ love for Kevin hasn’t waned even after getting kidnapped by a group of men, it is unlikely that she would choose to stay away from him. If not, the writers may try to portray what really happened to Kevin and Génesis to make the narrative more authentic, providing answers to the questions concerning their union.

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