Baby Fever Ending, Explained: Who Is the Father of Nana’s Baby?

Created by Nikolaj Feifer and Amalie Næsby Fick, Netflix’s Danish-original medical drama series ‘Baby Fever’ (‘Skruk’) maintains a delicate balance between robust comedy and somber ironies of life. The story follows Nana, a fertility doctor, and drifter who seeks meaning in motherhood in her thirties. A series of mess-ups send Nana in a downward spiral, while she must look for a suitable father for the child in her womb. The bittersweet conjecture of life makes for a drama populous with nuanced character sketches and an allure of romance. However, you must be scratching your forehead after the season finale, as some questions remain unanswered. Without further ado, let us address all the open threads. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Baby Fever Season 1 Recap

In the early moments, fertility doctor and hospital union president Nana inseminates herself while having second thoughts. The pilot reconstructs the narrative from the beginning. Nana, a busy doctor in a hospital, rarely has time for herself. She passes on an invitation for mushroom soup from her new colleague Soren. In the hospital, Nana has a special bond with Simone, with whom she shares everything. Simone, a single mother, works as a receptionist and administrative clerk in the same hospital. Simone’s son, Bastian, is mostly by her side, and he plays ball with the hospital workers.

The day at the hospital begins with a heated meeting, where Nana thinks they should raise the upper limit of artificial insemination to forty-six. However, as Niels-Anders notes, above the age of forty-four, the chance of getting pregnant remains thin. After the meeting, board chairperson Helle asks Nana to oversee the insemination process of her long-time girlfriend, Marie. Along comes Mathias, Nana’s ex, the “one that flew away” after a six-months long stint with her. Mathias waited for Nana at the airport, but she never came.

While the meeting with Mathias is surprising in a friendly way after all these years, it is also uneasy for Nana. Her late-night partying with Simone gets out of control, and Nana breaks into the sperm bank, causing a mess. The following morning, Jannick, the owner of the sperm bank, comes looking. Nana tries to suggest that they are making a mistake. But after a thorough inspection, Jannick’s sidekick Carsten reveals that several sperm containers were damaged. One of the cases is ethically severe since the donor had cancer.

While Soren stays in the picture, as Nana imagines him to be the father of her child, Mathias captures a significant part of Nana’s imagination. While out on an evening date with Mathias, Nana asks whether he wants to have a child just before kissing him. Since Mathias is not always around, Nana hooks up with Soren. However, in a twisted irony of fate, Nana meets Mathias on her way back from Soren’s place, and it seems that he has not been to Guatemala yet. However, he leaves after a week, and Nana thinks of sleeping with him on occasion within the duration.

Soren joins the team full-time, while Nana begins feeling the early sickness of pregnancy. She tries a pregnancy test kit, which comes positive. In the meantime, the hospital inseminates someone with the wrong sperm, thanks to Nana’s mishap. The doctors prescribe her a morning-after pill, and Helle seems to have the situation under control. However, after the person whistleblowing in the media, the hospital has to take action. In the meantime, Nana tells Simone about the pregnancy, suggesting Soren is the father – although it is more complicated than that. Simone can barely keep it in the bag. Looking at how good Soren is with kids (Bastian), Nana thinks of giving him a chance.

However, it does not take long for the situation to complicate further. Simone indirectly divulges that Nana is pregnant while Soren is excited to be the father of a dog. Simone, struggling with losing her job, cannot be mindful of the little secret, especially as Nana has been keeping a scarring secret from her. Nana is outside speaking with Mathias, who states that he has cancer and wants to settle in life. Soren arrives on the spot, asking whether Nana is pregnant, and Nana’s scheme falls apart. She testifies to being pregnant, although she states that it is not Soren’s child. Nana’s estranged mother, Lise Lacour, arrives in town, stealing the limelight while Nana goes through a crisis.

Baby Fever Season 1 Ending: Who Is the Father of Nana’s Baby?

It seems that Mathias Dahl is the father of Nana’s child. Although Nana never expresses her most authentic emotions, we know that her feelings for Mathias are strong. After the six-month-long liaison, Nana never met Mathias as he relocated to the “jungle.” Mathias returns to Copenhagen from Guatemala surprisingly, which sparks old flames for Nana. During their first meeting outside the hospital, Nana knows that Mathias is there to donate his sperm. However, Nana’s reunion with Mathias does not amount to much in the end, but she is seemingly curious to see the sperm.

Alienated from her surroundings and looking for meaning in her tireless schedule at the hospital, Nana feels quite lonely. To escape the loneliness, Nana wants a child, and in her mind, Mathias is perhaps one of the most eligible candidates. Therefore, she sneaks out of the drinking party with Simone, locating Mathias’ sperm. After the break-in, the authorities let Mathias know that some of his sperm is missing. However, in the end, it is Simone who lifts the curtain on the mystery. Probing into Nana’s belongings, Simone finds the tube containing the sperm of M. Dahl, who is none other than Mathias. Therefore, we can be confident that Mathias is the father of Nana’s child.

Who Does Nana End Up With?

In the end, it seems that Nana ends up all by herself, albeit with the sweet song of her mother to guide her. Things become awkward after the fallout outside the hospital between Nana and Mathias. And since Mathias leaves for Guatemala in a few days, we do not think Nana’s relationship with Mathias leads to a happily ever after. However, they make amends in the end, and Mathias takes his final leave. On the other hand, Soren is still in the hospital, and there may be prospects between Nana and Soren in the future.

However, after Nana divulges to Simone that Soren is the father of her child and subsequently denies it on Soren’s face, we believe the tracks are not smooth enough for Nana. Therefore, in the end, Nana gets what she aims for, although she is not sure if that is what she wants. After making amends with Simone, they sneak into the hospital late at night, and Simone checks Nana’s health. Nana is scared to think that she has to rear a child all by herself, but she sees how Simone has done a fine job bringing up Bastian.

Does Simone Get Back Her Job?

It is not clear whether Simone will get her job back. Although, things are in order in Nana’s mind. When Nana confronts Helle about the mishap being her fault, Helle thinks that Nana is an indispensable part of the team. On the other hand, Simone seems to be entirely expendable, and on the bright side, she is receiving a lucrative package. Nana mildly raises the wish to leave the job, but Marie enters the room with the good news on cue. Thanks to Nana’s expert handling of the operation, Marie is pregnant, and Helle cannot be appreciative enough.

But Nana messes up further in the job before she collapses. Niels-Anders admits Nana to a room, where Nana spends some intimate moments with her mother. Afterward, she heads to Simone’s room, asking for forgiveness. Simone opens the door when she hears that Nana has left the job, and the hospital authority is considering reinstating Simone in her previous role. Simone is indeed more efficient than the new girl, Mille-Emilie. But if they take her back to the team, the hospital will have to face the consequences. Moreover, Nana has not resigned officially, which brings us to a speculation zone. In case Nana leaves the job, Simone can get her role back.

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