Bachelor in Paradise Season 6: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

Traversing uncharted territory in the hopes of finding love, ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ follows the lives of couples who hope to discover true love. Featuring previous members from the Bachelor Nation, the reality television show gives individuals another chance to expedite and facilitate a true connection. The show has continued to garner acclaim since its release in 2014. Likewise, season 6 of the series also features the undulated pastures of heartbreak and romance. Fans have continued to wonder more about the couples since their time on the season. So, if you’re curious about the same, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Where are Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton Now?

Enchanted by each other’s demeanor, Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton quickly became the fan-favorite for their connection. While they hoped to spend their life together and get married, things didn’t turn out the way the duo had anticipated. After the cameras stopped rolling, they failed to find the same passion that had first drawn them together. Chris and Katie officially separated in December 2019 and shared their feelings for each other in a since-deleted Instagram post, stating, “We’ve reached a point in our story where we agree it’s best to go our separate ways. We have chosen to love and respect each other as friends because that’s the base of our relationship.”

Since then, the two have explored different paths. Chris is now in a relationship with Anna Redman, also a ‘Bachelor’ alum. He also manages KCM Create, an Advertising and Marketing Agency, and works with Points Bet: A Fanatics Experience. On the other hand, Katie has gone on to become an online creator. The TikTok and Instagram personality continues to share tips on wellness and self-love with her fans online.

Where are Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty Now?

Discovering the prospect of forever with each other, Demi and Kristian decided to take their relationship to the next level and get engaged. Before long, the aura of the tropical paradise wore off, and Demi and Kristian found themselves on different pages. Eventually, they realized that they were at different stages of their lives and decided to part ways. Later, Demi appeared on the ‘Almost Famous’ podcast. Here, she confessed that she wasn’t happy with Kristian’s proposal and didn’t like the ring her ex-girlfriend had chosen for her.

Since parting ways in October 2019, Demi and Kristian have discovered their individual paths. Demi is now an online creator and commands a major following. As a person on the autism spectrum, Demi uses her platform to share information about the disorder. She is also diagnosed with ADHD and shares her experiences with her fans about the same. As for Kristian, the ‘Bachelor’ alum has also discovered love. Besides returning to life on the farm, Kristian is now in a loving relationship with Taylor Blake. The duo are also renovators in North Carolina.

Where are Dylan Barbour and Hannah Goodwin Now?

Having professed their love to one another, Dylan and Hannah decided they wanted to share the rest of their lives together during the filming of ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ Years later, the couple has stayed true to their commitment and crossed all hurdles. After getting engaged on reality television, the duo took their time and got to know each other better. Initially, the couple maintained a long-distance relationship as Hannah lived in Los Angeles, and Dylan furthered his work as a tech entrepreneur in San Diego.

Later, quarantine gave them a levy to spend time together and create more memories. Shortly after, the duo purchased their house in San Diego and moved in together in October 2020. While purchasing a house did lead them to postpone their wedding, they decided to continue planning and officially tied the knot in August 2023 in a romantic ceremony at the Chateau de Villette in Condecourt, France. Dylan and Hannah planned a three-day wedding extravaganza in an intimate garden-themed party with their family and friends in presence.

Where are Clay Harbor and Nicole Lopez-Alvar Now?

Despite starting out strong, Clay and Nicole hit several snags in their relationship. By the end of the season, the duo decided that it was best that they didn’t make a long-term commitment to one another. Later, things became more heated after a fan commented, “I’m sorry Nicole is a moron,” under one of Clay’s posts. This led Nicole to defend her stance and retaliate, “He straight-up went on two shows where the sole purpose is to find The One, and then he’s out here ‘confused’ when he applied for these reality dating shows himself..” More heat to the situation was added when Clay defended his emotions and clapped back at Nicole for ridiculing his NFL career.

Nevertheless, the duo have since made progress as individuals and are now happy in their respective lives and careers. Nicole is now an internet personality and is in a happy relationship with Adam Levitt. The couple have also purchased a home and moved in together. On the other hand, the MBA and NFL veteran has been working as a strength coach and exponentiating his growth as a television and media personality. He has even called a football game and continues his association with sports.

Where are John Paul Jones and Tayshia Adams Now?

Despite sharing similar interests and perspectives, John and Tayshia couldn’t make their relationship last due to their extended geographical distance. So, even though the duo tried to make their romance last, their relationship couldn’t overcome the impeding obstacles in their path.

Since then, Tayshia has grown as a media personality. With over a million followers on Instagram, she continues to work as an online creator and brand ambassador for renowned brands and publications. She even conducts an Amazon Influencer program and delivers talks to high school students and young aspirants. As for John, the financial analyst is also growing as a media personality and continues to enjoy life with his friends and family.

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