Where is Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 (2023) Filmed?

A spin-off of ‘The Bachelor‘ and ‘The Bachelorette,’ ABC’s ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ is a dating reality TV series that features previous contestants of the two parent shows as they get given a second chance to find true love among themselves, despite failing the first time. Over the course of the season, they spend some quality time with each other, mainly under one roof, at an idyllic seaside resort. Although the show’s original host was Chris Harrison, in recent seasons, Jesse Palmer has taken his place as host.

Apart from the entertaining presence of the host, what keeps the show interesting to the viewers is the drama that comes along with the romance at the secluded resort. Furthermore, the picturesque seaside location and luxurious amenities of the real-life paradise are bound to be noticed by many of you amidst all the love and drama. Well, if you find yourself interested in knowing all about the scenic locations featured in season 9, we have got you covered!

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 Filming Locations

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ season 9 was filmed in Mexico, especially in Sayulita. As per reports, production for the ninth iteration of the reality series took place in June 2023. Ever since the sophomore round of the show, most of the shooting has taken place in Mexico, and so was the case with the ninth season. Now, without much ado, let’s follow the contestants as they get a second chance to find true love, and get a detailed account of all the specific sites that feature in season 9 of the ABC show!

Sayulita, Mexico

Following the trend of various previous seasons, the shooting of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ season 9 was carried out in the small Mexican town of Sayulita, which lies along the country’s Pacific coastline. To be specific, Playa Escondida Hotel at Avenida Playa Escondida 1 in Sayulita is seemingly the luxurious and isolated resort where the contestants of the ninth season spent their time together under one roof. The idyllic resort provides one with a beachfront setting surrounded by lush green hills covered with jungle, keeping the guests closer to nature as well as safe and comfortable.

Given its beautiful rooms complemented by the relaxing ambiance and the constant pacifying sound of waves in the background, Playa Escondida Hotel not only makes for an ideal vacation spot but also a suitable production location for a show like ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ Moreover, the close proximity to the town of Sayulita meant that the contestants were supposedly able to head outside the resort and traverse the beautiful terrains of the town.

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