Bandidos: Do Miguel and Lilí End Up Together?

Throughout the first season of Netflix’s adventure series ‘Bandidos,’ Miguel tries his best to get back together with Lilí after parting ways as a couple a while back. He proposes the grand treasure hunt to get closer to her since an alliance to find the hidden fortune is a good way for him to reignite the passion between them. Miguel and Lilí eventually deviate from their history and feelings for each other to completely focus on finding the lost treasure. Still, the installment ends with them reuniting to celebrate their success as treasure hunters. Does that mean they have ended up together for good? SPOILERS AHEAD.

Lilí’s Promise

When Lilí resurfaces in Miguel’s life after their initial separation, she doesn’t have any intention of getting back together with her ex-boyfriend. She only cares about getting into the good books of Wilson to convince the latter to make a fake passport for her. After making a highly potent enemy, Lilí wants to disappear likely from Mexico. She sees Miguel as the pathway to Wilson, who is seemingly her last resort. However, their efforts to find the hidden treasure of Aj Took bring them closer. Miguel then stuns Lilí by jumping from an aircraft, putting his life on the line, to save her from death.

Miguel’s risky attempt to protect Lilí convinces her that the former loves her enough. In addition, the bond she creates with Miguel and Wilson during the expedition must have made it tougher for her to outrightly ignore or dismiss her ex-partner’s feelings for her. When Wilson asks her to take care of Miguel after his demise while he is on his deathbed, she promises him that she will, without any hesitation or doubt. Lilí’s willingness to look after Miguel even after getting a fake passport to vanish from Mexico and her troubles indicate that she loves him. It is unlikely that she will lie to Wilson while he is slowly dying, which explains her reunion with Miguel at the end of the first season.

Lilí and Miguel’s Reunion

After discovering the treasure of Aj Took, Lilí fakes her death with the help of Miguel to stop her enemy from searching for her. She embraces a new identity to vanish from the people who are trying to hunt her down. Lilí could have taken Wilson’s share of the treasure and bid adieu to Miguel as well. However, she reunites with him to keep her promise to Wilson. She lets him know that she will be there with him. However, there’s a catch: Lilí will separate from Miguel when they run out of money. Since she proclaims her departure from him in the future with a laugh, the chances of her joking about it are high.

Furthermore, Lilí can be reminding Miguel about her catch knowing very well that Miguel won’t run out of money. His efforts to find and garner the treasure display his resilience and ambition to remain wealthy enough to share his life with Lilí forever. Right after Lilí speaks about the catch, Miguel lets her know that he has been eyeing another treasure, which is greater than the one they discovered together. As Miguel has another target on his mind, it is unlikely that he would need to worry about running out of money. Therefore, Lilí may remain with him for good.

Together, Lilí and Miguel may try to uncover many more treasures. With the series’ second season already in the works, we can expect them to reunite with another group or reassemble their former team to find the Tear of Fire. With the blessing of Wilson, they may share their lives and take part in adventures of various kinds.

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