Bargain Post-Credits Scene, Explained

Based on the South Korean short film of the same name, Paramount+’s ‘Bargain’ is an action-thriller series directed by Woo-Sung Jeon. The series evolves around Hyung-Soo, who meets Joo-Young, a young prostitute, at a secluded motel, only to learn she works for an organ trafficking gang. However, when an earthquake traps Joo-Young in the motel and forces her to change her plans, she must work with Hyung-Soo to survive. After an enthralling journey, the duo makes it out alive only to face a bigger challenge, hinted through a post-credits scene. If you are looking for answers about the ominous post-credits scene in ‘Bargain,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Bargain Post-Credits Scene: Does the Woman Kill Hyung-Soo?

‘Bargain’ follows Hyung-Soo and Joo-Young as they must work together to survive after an earthquake traps them inside a motel. Joo-Young works for an organ trafficking gang and uses Hyung-Soo’s help to kill her boss and other thugs. Ultimately, Hyung-Soo and Joo-Young locate the boss’ money and escape the building with Keuk-Ryul, aka the “good son,” in tow. The trio makes it out of the building through the water tank on the ground floor. However, after coming out of the rubble, the group realizes that their battle for survival is only just starting as the world appears to be on fire.

A post-credits scene provides further insights about the outside world’s state as what the group presumed to be an earthquake appears to be a drone attack. The bonus scene follows Hyung-Soo, Joo-Young, and Keuk-Ryul as they make their way through the wastelands. However, they are surprised to find another survivor, a woman struggling to cope with the disaster. The woman shoots at them as she is trying to protect her friend, who is stuck under a concrete wall. As a result, Hyung-Soo decides to help the woman while the other two hide behind a nearby rock.

Hyung-Soo convinces the woman to put down her gun and helps her free her friend. However, the woman holds Hyung-Soo at gunpoint and forces him to carry her friend. Once again, Hyung-Soo demonstrates his willingness to help others, but only when his life is not at risk. It seems like he has pushed his luck too far in such circumstances and prepares to bite the dust after he refuses to help the woman. However, Joo-Young saves Hyung-Soo by offering the woman one of the morphine shots she stole from the boss’ office.

Joo-Young cleverly convinces the woman that the drug is the only thing that can save her friend from a certain death. The scene ends as the woman contemplates whether to trust Joo-Young or not. Joo-Young demonstrates impeccable bargaining skills that have helped her cut deals to ensure her survival, and she appears to come to Hyung-Soo’s rescue. However, as Hyung-Soo had to learn the hard way, trusting Joo-Young can be more frustrating than rewarding, and the woman might have a similar experience.

Nonetheless, the post-credits scene reinforces the idea that Joo-Young, Hyung-Soo, and Keuk-Ryul must bargain with other survivors as the outside world is going to hell. However, the trio must also learn to completely trust each other as outside forces will take advantage of their bickering and distrust. As a result, the end-credits scene perfectly sets up the stage for a compelling second installment that will continue the trio’s fight for survival as they come across harsher forces and must contend with greed, betrayal, and other temptations.

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