Based on a True Story Season 2 Starts Filming in Los Angeles Next Month

The filming of the second season of Peacock’s comedy thriller series ‘Based on a True Story’ will begin in Los Angeles next month. As revealed earlier, Annie Weisman replaced creator Craig Rosenberg as the showrunner of the sophomore installment.

In the first season finale, the Bartletts grapple with the aftermath of Ruby’s demise. Seeking assistance from Matt, they confront the daunting task of disposing of her body, ultimately deciding to dump it in a sinkhole at the tennis club. However, their plans are thwarted when they discover Ruby’s intentions to expose them to the police. As tensions rise, a chilling fantasy unfolds, depicting Ruby’s eerie return and the brutal demise of the Bartletts. Meanwhile, Matt explores new podcast ventures with fellow serial killers, hinting at potential spin-offs. The season culminates with unexpected revelations as Simon arrives at the beach house, unveiling further complexities in the Bartlett family dynamic amid the aftermath of Ruby’s demise and revelations of infidelity.

The first installment finale presents numerous unresolved conflicts, such as the looming question of whether Nathan and Ava will face consequences for concealing Ruby’s murder and neglecting to report the West Side Ripper to authorities. With Simon now aware of their dark secret, he becomes a potential target in Matt’s chilling agenda. Additionally, the revelation of Ava’s sister Tory’s relationship with Matt adds fuel to the existing fire, potentially leading to the exposure of the latter’s true identity as a killer and Ava’s accomplice in season 2. As Matt explores collaborations with new serial killers for a podcast spin-off, Nathan and Ava find themselves sinking deeper into a web of deceit. The second installment may also explore Ava and Nathan’s journey into parenthood, further complicating their entanglement in the sinister world of serial killers.

Kaley Cuoco and Chris Messina are expected to continue playing Ava and Nathan in the upcoming season, alongside Tom Bateman as the notorious West Side Killer, Matt Pierce. Liana Liberato and Aaron Staton’s return as Tory and Simon, respectively, also seems probable. However, it’s unlikely that Priscilla Quintana (Ruby) and Natalia Dyer (Chloe) will return, given their characters’ deaths in the first installment. Considering Matt’s collaboration with other serial killers for a new podcast, season 2 may introduce prominent new characters.

Los Angeles also hosted the filming of the show’s first season. HBO’s ‘The Sympathizer‘ and Apple TV+’s ‘Palm Royale‘ are two recent releases previously shot in the city.

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