Based on a True Story: Where Was the Series Filmed?

Created by Craig Rosenberg and Jason Bateman, Peacock’s ‘Based on a True Story’ is a comedy thriller series that follows three strangers — a realtor, a former tennis star, and a plumber — who are brought together by their shared interest and obsession with true crime. A young couple, Ava and Nathan Bartlett, who are struggling to make ends meet while expecting their child, find an opportunity to raise some money for themselves when a ruthless serial killer, the Westside Ripper, is on a killing spree.

Being a fan of true crime podcasts, Ava convinces Nathan to create a podcast of their own to find out the identity of the Westside Ripper and earn tons of money. Starring Kaley Cuoco, Chris Messina, Tom Bateman, Priscilla Quintana, and Liana Liberato, the comedy show unfolds in the city of dreams, that is, Los Angeles, which is shown in a haunting light, turning it into the stuff of nightmares. This interesting twist to such an iconic city makes one wonder if the shooting really takes place in LA. Well, if the same question has been bothering you, allow us to get rid of your curiosity once and for all!

Based on a True Story Filming Locations

‘Based on a True Story’ is filmed in California, especially in Los Angeles County, which is where the story is set. As per reports, principal photography for the debut season of the crime series commenced in early October 2022 and wrapped up in early March 2023. Given California’s vast and versatile landscape, it serves as a suitable filming site for different productions, including ‘Based on a True Story.’ Now, let us walk you through all the specific locations where the true-crime podcasters investigate the murders and search for the serial killer in the Peacock series!

Los Angeles County, California

A major chunk of ‘Based on a True Story’ is lensed in Los Angeles County, with the production team utilizing several neighborhoods and suburbs across the county to shoot different scenes against suitable backdrops. Known for its affluent areas, Los Angeles is one of the primary production locations for the Kaley Cuoco starrer as the city slowly turns into a character itself, almost as important as the protagonists, as the story progresses. The filming unit also utilizes the facilities of Universal Studios at 100 Universal City Plaza in Universal City, an unincorporated area within the county’s San Fernando Valley region.

The television and film studio complex is home to more than 30 different sound stages spread across the 400-acre lot and a massive backlot area with several stand-ins for some iconic locations such as Bates Motel, Central Park, Elm Street, London-Paris Square, New York Street, and many more. Besides that, there are several rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms, production offices, and a virtual production stage, all of which make Universal Studios one of the most suitable film studios in all of Los Angeles County for different movies and TV shows.

In a May 2023 statement, co-creator Craig Rosenberg said a few words about Los Angeles being the setting of the crime thriller series. He stated, “Our Los Angeles setting — the city where everybody wants to be famous – became a vivid backdrop to our story of fame, ambition, aspiration, and murder.” The show possibly features various aerial shots of the cityscape of LA and its surrounding areas. Thus, it is highly likely you might spot some iconic landmarks and monuments in the backdrop of such scenes. Some are Griffith Park, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Los Angeles Zoo, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Venice Beach, the Mount Wilson Observatory, Olvera Street, and the Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens.

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