Peacock’s Poker Face Season 2 Starts Filming in New York in July

The second season of Peacock’s murder mystery series ‘Poker Face‘ is all set to commence filming in New York in July. Rian Johnson, who created the series with Natasha Lyonne in the lead, continues to lead the writers’ room with showrunners Nora and Lilla Zuckerman.

In the first season finale, Charlie is seen leaving the hospital after recovering from the previous episode‘s near-death experience. Outside, she finds Cliff, who has joined hands with Sterling Frost Sr.’s biggest rival Beatrix to have the former killed. Charlie and Cliff go to Atlantic City to meet Frost Sr., who no longer holds Charlie responsible for his son’s death. A deal worth half a million is made between Frost Sr. and Charlie and he offers her the cash and a gift as a start to a “mutually beneficial relationship.”

Just as Charlie is about to open the gift box in the episode, a blackout occurs, and when the lights come back on, Frost Sr. is found shot. Charlie, with a gun from the gift box, realizes that she has been set up. When she discovers that Frost Sr. was killed by Cliff, she decides to take FBI agent Luca’s assistance. As the situation slowly comes to order with Cliff’s arrest and Charlie getting justice for the death of her friends Jerry and Natalie Hill, an ominous call from Beatrix leads her to the road again.

Even though the plot details of the second installment episodes are currently under wraps, the first season finale indicates that Charlie has two choices; either she agrees to work for Beatrix or she agrees to die. After Beatrix gives her the choices,  Charlie leans against the car, looking beyond the horizon. Taking the penultimate scene into consideration, the second installment hints at the possibility of the steps Charlie will take next and a series of murders she’s likely to witness. She is expected to handle the complicated web Beatrix is set to weave for her.

The second installment will feature Primetime Emmy-nominated Natasha Lyonne as Charlie Cale. Benjamin Bratt’s return as Cliff is uncertain after his arrest. Rhea Perlman is expected to return as Beatrix Hasp. Like the first installment, we may see a lot of guest cast members in the second season as well.

The episodes of the second season are currently being written, as per Lyonne, who recently provided an update regarding the installment’s progress. “Well, we’re back in the writer’s room now. It’s all happening. It’s pretty exciting. And yeah, the episodes are popping. It’s almost as if they’ve been percolating in Rian Johnson’s amniotic center for as long as, I guess that’s what is that, 9 to 24 months. So it’s really been coming alive in a very exciting way,” the actress told Screen Rant.

The show is a production of Rian Johnson and Ram Bergman’s T-Street, Lyonne and Maya Rudolph’s Animal Pictures, and MRC Television. Like season 1, the second installment is also set to commence shooting in New York, which serves as a significant location for HBO’s Zendaya-starrer ‘Euphoria‘ and Apple TV+’s science-fiction series ‘Severance.’

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