Behind Your Touch Episodes 13 and 14 Recap and Ending, Explained

Charting an entertainingly outlandish serial killer investigation, Netflix’s South Korean crime-comedy show ‘Behind Your Touch’ depicts Detective Moon Jang-yeol and Psychometric Bong Ye-bun’s continued adventures. Shortly after a meteor shower imparts psychic powers on a couple of individuals, a serial killer starts terrorizing the lives of small-town Mujin residents. As such, it’s up to Jang-yeol, a cop transferred to Mujin from Seoul, and Ye-bun, a brand new psychic with the ability to see people’s memories through touch, to figure out the identity behind the green raincoat-donning killer and put an end to their crimes.

On the heels of Assemblyman Cha Ju-man and Doctor Jung’s death, Mujin’s crime-solving duo traverses tumultuous waters in episodes 13 and 14. While Ye-bun deals with the tragedy of her grandfather’s death, Jang-yeol throws himself into finding the killer, investigating his top suspect, Seon-woo. Let’s find out what this new development in the long-running serial killer case brings for this trio! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Behind Your Touch Episodes 13 and 14 Recap

In the wake of Grandpa Jung’s sudden and violent death, Ye-bun and her aunt, Hyeon-ok, are left devastated and flooded with grief. To take some of the weight off Ye-bun’s shoulders, Jang-yeol instinctively finds himself caring for her in whatever ways he can, from clearing Jung’s name in Cha’s murder case to helping out with the former’s funeral. Furthermore, Jang-yeol, convinced the killer is behind Cha and Jung’s murders, continues looking into their identity with his team despite the Police Chief taking them off the case in favor of the Crimes Division.

While Jang-yeol continues looking into Seon-woo, Gwang-sik, the village’s second helpful psychic, alerts him about a possible development in the case. After sneakily touching Shaman Park’s leg, Gwang-sik sees the man entering Cha’s office with the intention of killing him. After Detective Kang of the Crimes Division overhears this conversation, he arrests Park and tries to get a confession from him through interrogation. Nevertheless, after proving her psychic abilities to Jang-yeol’s coworkers, Ye-bun uses her powers to prove Park’s innocence through an alibi.

Afterward, when Jang-yeol continues to remain suspicious of Seon-woo, the other man confronts the Detective about it and reveals that he has deduced the truth behind Ye-bun’s powers. As such, Seon-woo allows Ye-bun to touch him and look into his memories to gain definitive proof of his innocence in her grandfather’s murder. The next day, when Ye-bun runs over to Gwang-sik’s farm for a house call, she notices something strange about the man, leading her to believe he may be involved in the killings.

When Jang-yeol pursues Ye-bun’s suspicions the following night, he comes across the killer only to realize they aren’t Gwang-sik. Yet, Jang-yeol fails to catch or even learn the killer’s identity before they escape into the night. Meanwhile, Gwang-sik arrives at Ye-bun’s clinic, fatally wounded, and dies before he can share the clue he had found about the killer’s identity.

Gwang-sik’s ill-timed death makes Jang-yeol even more suspicious of Seon-woo, and the detective tries to dissuade Ye-bun from seeing the other man again. Nonetheless, Ye-bun ignores his warning and continues spending time with Seon-woo, who divulges that she’s the only one he can trust in Mujin anymore, partly because everyone else remains suspicious of him.

Soon, Captain Won’s boss discovers that his team is still working on the serial killer case after finding a CCTV recording of him sleuthing into a morgue to check out Gwang-sik’s dead body. Consequently, the Chief sends Won and his team to Gyeongsan for an insignificant festival. Nevertheless, Jang-yeol, unwilling to allow Ye-bun to hang out with Seon-woo without him around, asks Shaman Park to keep an eye on Seon-woo while he’s gone and puts Ye-bun in lockup.

Behind Your Touch Episode 14 Ending: Why Does Jang-yeol Suspect Seon-woo of Being a Killer?

Despite the numerous pieces of evidence Seon-woo presents, including Ye-bun’s vote of confidence, Jang-yeol remains unshakable in his suspicions of the man. The detective is usually logical and reasonable, looking at facts to draw conclusions rather than relying on emotion. Yet, no amount of facts dissuades him from his seemingly inherent distrust of Seon-woo.

Therefore, Gwang-sik’s death only strengthens Jang-yeol’s theory further. Even though Gwang-sik’s suspicious behavior has led Jang-yeol to trail the farmer in the first place, he quickly realizes that the person hiding behind the green raincoat is not Gwang-sik. After fighting the mysterious figure, Jang-yeol watches them disappear near Seon-woo’s residence at the Shaman’s house. To make matters worse, Seon-woo has a bloodied hand that he can’t explain.

Furthermore, Ye-bun’s divulgence of Gwang-sik’s last words about a black screen leads Jang-yeol to believe the farmer has figured out something about the black screens he and Ye-bun see in people’s memories, including Seon-woo.  Yet, something feels off about Jang-yeol’s persistent dislike for Seon-woo.

Jang-yeol has been against Ye-bun’s growing friendship with Seon-woo from the beginning. Although his earlier efforts to prevent the same were tame and understandable, locking Ye-bun up in a cell, though harmless, seems excessive, especially considering that Seon-woo has time and again proven his lack of involvement in the murders.

While Jang-yeol’s suspicions of Seon-woo are partly a result of his detective instinct, episode 14 makes it impossible to deny that his growing feelings for Ye-bun play a part in his protectiveness of the vet. Since Ye-bun’s grandfather died, Jang-yeol’s affections for the woman have become more evident in their own subtle way. Unlike Seon-woo, Jang-yeol doesn’t express his concern for Ye-bun through words. Instead, the detective tries to help Ye-bun in whatever way he can.

As such, after leaving Ye-bun in Mujin, when Ok-hui tells Jang-yeol that Ye-bun is going to Seon-woo’s workshop late in the night after escaping from the cell, Jang-yeol returns back to the town without a second thought. At this point, even Jang-yeol fails to hide his feelings when confronted about them by his boss, Captain Won. Still, even though Jang-yeol’s feelings cloud his judgment of Seon-woo, the latter man definitely has a knack for inviting suspicion— something Ye-bun learns about soon enough.

Does Seon-woo Die?

Shortly after Jang-yeol leaves Mujin, Seon-woo calls Ye-bun, inviting her to his remote workshop late at night. Although Ye-bun shows up at his place, Shaman Park accompanies her to the shop, following Jang-yeol’s request to keep an eye on his tenant. As a result, Seon-woo, who has a bloody knife in his toolbox, has to keep the weapon hidden as he invites Ye-bun into his workshop alongside the Shaman.

Nevertheless, he tries to secure some alone time with Ye-bun by “accidentally” spilling coffee over Park. However, his plan doesn’t work out in his favor when Park asks him to lead him to the Church’s bathroom nearby. Thus, Seon-woo has to leave Ye-bun alone in his workshops, which leads to the woman discovering his hidden bloodied knife.

Even though Ye-bun previously assured Seon-woo that she has faith in him and doesn’t believe him to be the killer, the situation gets the better of her, making her flee from the workshop into the dark and empty road. As soon as Seon-woo realizes Ye-bun has taken off, he follows her, likely realizing the danger she has unwittingly put herself in.

Since the killer knows about Ye-bun’s powers and his previous victim is Gwang-sik, Seon-woo realizes the killer will be coming for her next. Therefore, after Seon-woo discovered the knife, he likely invited Ye-bun to share the information with her. Yet, since Ye-bun is the only one he trusts, Seon-woo doesn’t bring up the knife in front of Park.

Ultimately, as Ye-bun runs from Seon-woo, she comes face-to-face with the killer in their green raincoat. Although Seon-woo intervenes and protects Ye-bun from the killer, he’s unarmed and unskilled to subdue the killer entirely. As a result, he urges Ye-bun to leave him behind and flee.

Even though Ye-bun escapes and hides, instinctively calling Jang-yeol for help, she realizes she can’t abandon Seon-woo to the Killer’s mercy and returns for him with a shovel. In the end, Ye-bun’s courage comes a little too late, and by the time she returns to Seon-woo, the man is lying dead by the roadside, with the killer nowhere in sight.

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