Behind Your Touch Episodes 11 and 12 Recap: Murder Mystery Deepens in Mujin

‘Behind Your Touch,’ Netflix’s crimecomedy South Korean show, revolves around a small-town serial killer pursued by a hot-headed Detective and his psychometric companion. After a transfer from Seoul Crimes Divison Detective, Moon Jang-yeol ends up in Mujin, a seemingly crime-free village. Soon, however, a killer starts leaving behind a string of dead bodies. Lucky for Jang-yeol, his neighbor, Veterinarian Bong Ye-bun, recently acquired psychometric powers that help her look into people’s memories by touching their behinds. Consequently, the unlikely duo team up and solve crimes around Mujin together.

As the show progresses, Ye-bun learns more about her mother’s alleged suicide while Mujin Police Captain Won skims the edge of a bigger political conspiracy in town. Meanwhile, Jang-yeol digs into the number one suspect on his list: a soft-spoken but firmfooted convenience store worker. If you’re curious to see where these threads lead, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Behind Your Touch Episodes 11 and 12 Recap

After Jang-yeol and his team’s Prawn Festival plan, the Detective’s suspicions about Seon-woo grow due to the latter’s presence on Gwang-sik’s farm on the night of the meteor shower. As such, Jang-yeol decides to look into Seon-woo to gather concrete evidence. While Jang-yeol tries to tail Seon-woo, Gwang-sik, eager to catch the killer, finds the opportunity to use his powers on Seon-woo after finding him asleep in his workshop. Nonetheless, the interaction ends with Gwang-sik startling himself and hurting his hands before he can have the chance to touch Seon-woo.

Meanwhile, Ye-bun contemplates her mother’s death after looking into Cha’s memories and learning about his involvement in her staged suicide. Simultaneously, her aunt, Hyeon-ok, also finds out that her sister was targeted, likely due to her loud journalistic work in Mujin’s Redevelopment Scandal.

As a result, she tags along with her former boyfriend, Captian Won, as he investigates the curious case of Bong Mi-ok’s death and its connection to Cha’s previous political scandal. Together, the duo learn that Mi-ok was the only one who was speaking out for the victims of Assemblyman-turned-Minister Yoon’s scam. Consequently, Won becomes aware of Lee Eun-suk, the Protest Committee Chairperson, who went missing.

Ye-bun also learns about Mujin’s redevelopment scandal after discovering Shaman Park dressed as the serial killer in his attempt to murder Cha. After preventing Park from doing something irrational, Ye-bun looks into the redevelopment scam and finds numerous articles written by her mother. Consequently, she asks Jang-yeol to look into police records about her mother’s death to look for any suspicious details.

Upon investigating, Jang-yeol finds Cha’s testimony, where he discusses Mi-ok’s depression and how it increased in the build-up to her death. Ye-bun realizes that the authorities may have investigated her mother’s death further without Cha’s testimony. The same, paired with her previous vision of Cha with her mother during her last moments, cements Ye-bun’s suspicions. Likewise, Jang-yeol’s hunch strengthens after he learns about Seon-woo’s pre-existing connection to Mujin.

Behind Your Touch Episode 12 Ending: Did Cha Ju-Man Kill Ye-bun’s Mother?

Assemblyman Cha Ju-Man has been connected to Ye-bun and her family for a long time now. Cha was the first person to console Ye-bun following her mother’s death and has been a close associate of her grandfather, Dr. Jung, for a while now. Therefore, when his connection to the death of Ye-bun’s mother, Mi-ok, first reveals itself, it leaves Ye-bun and the audience stunned.

Despite Jung’s outward support of Cha in his campaign, the man seems to have always held some ill intentions toward Cha. Almost a decade ago, Mujin faced a scandal unlike any other in which Cha and Mi-ok played crucial roles. With fake promises of redevelopment, Mujin’s past assemblyman, Yoon, had scammed the town into buying pricey land, leaving them without profit and in debt. At that time, Cha used to be Yoon’s lackey who helped him convince the townsfolk to invest by feeding them fake promises of success.

However, once the land was sold, Yoon and his team backed out of the redevelopment plan, leaving the Mujin residents conned. Several people protested Yoon and his administration after the scam, with Mi-ok, a journalist, writing articles about it in her newspaper, supporting the scam victims. She was also on the front lines of the protest and was planning on using an inside source to testify against Yoon.

Mi-ok’s inside source was none other than Cha Ju-man. In the past, Cha, Mi-ok’s close friend, had feelings for her. Even though Mi-ok married another man, Cha continued to harbor feelings for her and tried to help her in her fight against Yoon when the time came. Nevertheless, his colleagues caught him before he could testify against his boss and abused him, telling him success was more important than love.

In the end, Cha was likely swayed by his co-workers or realized that his continued involvement with Mi-ok and what it could mean his career’s end. As such, one night, Cha drugged Mi-ok in her car and orchestrated her suicide by staging her car to drive into the ocean. Ye-bun witnesses the same after tapping into Cha’s memories with Ok-hui’s help.

Afterward, Cha ensured that Mi-ok’s death remains uninvestigated by testifying about her mental health issues to nudge the cops into concluding that her death was a suicide. Therefore, Dr. Jung hates the Cha, rightfully blaming him for his daughter’s death, and tries to take him down from the inside.

Did Grandpa Jung Kill Cha?

During Jang-yeol’s unsubtle tailing of Seon-woo, the latter man constantly catches him, which leads the detective to assign the task to Deok-hee. However, Deok-hee loses track of Seon-woo for an hour without realizing it. As a result, Jang-yeol rushes to Cha’s office since he believes Seon-woo is the killer who will go after Cha next. Although a part of Jang-yeol’s hunch turns out to be true when he finds Cha’s dead body in his office, Seon-woo is nowhere to be seen. Instead, Dr. Jung’s body lies at a distance with the knife used to kill Cha in his hold.

Due to the situation’s obvious image, the authorities have to assume Jung as the top suspect in Cha’s murder. Nevertheless, neither the Police Captain nor Jang-yeol believes Jung to be behind the murderer. Despite Won’s tumultuous relationship with Hyeon-ok, he knows Jung well enough to know he would never hurt someone like that. Likewise, Jang-yeol doesn’t believe Ye-bun’s grandfather would do such a thing. Using his detective skills, Jang-yeol has concluded Jung has Parkinson’s disease, which makes it impossible for him to kill someone through stabbing.

Furthermore, the light switch in Cha’s office had a bloodstain on it. If Jung killed the politician and then attempted suicide, then it wouldn’t make sense for him to turn the lights off. As such, Jang-yeol urges Ye-bun to use her powers on her grandpa to discover the unequivocal truth.

Still, Ye-bun is scared to see her grandfather’s memory for fear of learning that he despises her. Nonetheless, Ye-bun faces her fear and visits her recovering grandfather in the hospital with Jang-yeol’s help. Although Ye-bun sees some memories of her grandfather, she only realizes the man never despised her but rather had a hard time showing his emotions. However, before she can dig through his memories, Jung flatlines.

In the end, Shaman Park is escorted for questioning due to his previous unreported attempt at Cha’s life. Since Park lost his parents as a result of Cha’s scam, he harbors resentful feelings toward the man that drove him to drastic measures. As such, after Jung, Park remains the natural suspect in Cha’s murder. Although the police fail to reach a conclusive answer by the episode’s end, Jung’s innocence in Cha’s murder remains the likely truth.

Is Seon-woo Eun-suk’s Son?

Seon-woo has long remained a perplexing character in the show. Like Jang-yeol, Seon-woo is a non-native who moves to Mujin from Souel. Still, Seon-woo’s reasoning behind the big move remains ambiguous. In an earlier episode, Seon-woo tells Ye-bun that he came to Mujin because his mother was born and raised here. However, he gives no indication that he has ever been to the town himself.

Yet, when Jang-yeol breaks into his room at Shaman Park’s house, the detective finds a photograph of Seon-woo as a kid on Mujin’s beach. Moreover, the kid in the picture resembles another kid in a newspaper article about Eun-suk. Therefore, we can conclude that Seon-woo is indeed Eun-suk’s son.

Eun-suk was the Committee Chairperson in Mujin residents’ fight against Cha and Yoon. According to rumors, Eun-suk was offered a large sum of money and fled the town, running away to Soeul. Nevertheless, when Won and Hyeon-ok look into Eun-suk’s background, they learn that after moving to Seoul, Eun-suk was broke and struggled to put food on the table for her kid. Eventually, Eun-suk ran away, and Seon-woo had to be put in an orphanage.

So far, it’s obvious that Seon-woo has conflicting feelings about his mother. Therefore, it’s possible that he’s only Mujin to connect with his past better. Still, considering his contentious relationship with Cha and his policies, Seon-woo remains another suspect in the politician’s murder.

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