Behind Your Touch Episodes 9 and 10 Recap: Cha’s Dark Secrets Exposed

Netflix’s South Korean comedy crime show ‘Behind Your Touch’ tells a story about a small town’s first run-in with a serial killer and the outlandish investigation conducted by an unlikely duo. Bong Ye-bun, the local veterinarian, finds herself acquiring superpowers of psychometry, allowing her to peek into people’s and animal’s past memories. After her neighbor, Detective Moon Jang-yeol, the new transfer from Soeul, learns about her powers, the two team up to solve the case of a deadly killer loose in Mujin.

In episodes 9 and 10, the killer’s latest murder brings a new set of clues for Jang-yeol and Ye-bun, helping them narrow their town-wide suspects list. As the duo continues their investigation, they find additional help from another psychic, Gwang-sik, and Ye-bun’s best friend, Ok-hui. If you’re curious to see where this new development in the case leads, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Behind Your Touch Episodes 9 and 10 Recap

Following Gwang-sik and Ae-ran’s arrest for obstruction of justice, Jang-yeol unexpectedly offers the couple an out by subtly advising them to lawyer up and pay fines rather than serving time. Nevertheless, the two fail to get their happy ending after Ae-ran’s former boss tracks her down. Once Ae-ran is dragged back to the Coffehouse, Ye-bun, who disclosed Ae-ran’s whereabouts to Ji-suk, a concerned friend, realizes the latter ratted Ae-ran out. However, after confronting Ji-suk, Ye-bun learns the situation is more complicated than it seems and that Ji-suk only betrayed Ae-ran because if she had escaped, the Coffeehouse would have transferred her debt to her friend.

As a result, Ye-bun realizes she’s bad at reading people and finds herself at a restaurant, where she runs into Seon-woo, and the two drink together. Shortly after passing out from a drink, lightweight Ye-bun has a vision about Ji-suk’s death and hurries to check on the woman. Although Ye-bun manages to accompany Ji-suk for her delivery through the remote farms, the latter abandons her halfway through, unwilling to accept Ye-bun’s help. However, on Ye-bun’s walk back to the town, she realizes Ji-suk has been attacked.

Using her powers on the nearby fireflies, Ye-bun traces Ji-suk’s steps and finds the infamous Poncho killer attacking her. Catching the killer off-guard, Ye-bun rescues Ji-suk, whose injured ankle prevents her from running away from the farm. As such, Ye-bun deposits Ji-suk at a hidden spot and runs into town herself to get help. Nevertheless, once she finds the other townsfolk, Ye-bun realizes any of them can be the killer. Therefore, she seeks out Jang-yeol, the only person she can trust.

Still, by the time the duo arrives at Ji-suk’s aide, the killer has already run a knife through her chest. Since the killer managed to find Ji-suk, regardless of her hidden location, Jang-yeol and Ye-bun conclude that the killer must have psychometric powers like Ye-bun’s. Consequently, the numerous people who touched Ye-bun while she looked for Jang-yeol, including Cha, Grandpa Bong, and Seon-woo, become potential suspects.

Ye-bun’s powers get put on temporary hold, given the injury she sustains on her palm. As a result, Jang-yeol employs Gwang-sik, the other friendly Psychic in town, for his investigation. Meanwhile, Grandpa Bong brings some intriguing and detailed information about Assemblyman Cha to the Police captain, Jong-muk. Soon, Mujin’s annual Prawn Festival rolls around, lending the perfect stage for Jang-yeol and his team to further their investigation. With Gwang-sik’s free leg massage booth and Ye-bun’s covert involvement in Shaman Park’s unconventional fortune-telling booth “Butt of Truth,” the two psychics attempt to uncover secrets about their fellow Mujin residents.

Behind Your Touch Episode 10 Ending: What Is Assemblyman Cha’s Secret?

Throughout the show, Assemblyman Cha has been a staple of Mujin’s small town. On several occasions, the politician’s suspicious behavior has come into focus only to be overshadowed by some crime or the other. Furthermore, Grandpa Bong’s intriguing relationship with Cha suggests some complicated past between the two. Although Grandpa Bong constantly campaigns for Cha and shows him his unending support, we discover that there was a time when Bong hated Cha.

After Bong hands over his hefty file on Cha to Jong-muk, the elderly man’s undercover grievance with the man comes out in the open. For years, Bong has been working alongside Cha. However, he only used the opportunity to spy on Cha and discover sensitive secrets about him. Previously, Bong even tried to use a stolen confidential file against the politician but was prevented by Ye-bun. Despite his past failures, Bong has collected enough evidence to present a case to Jong-muk.

After Jong-muk digs into the case, he discovers about a political scandal that happened in Mujin a few years ago. Over a decade ago, Yoon Dyeok-hyeon, Mujin’s Assemblyman, falsely led a redevelopment plan that resulted in multiple citizens losing ludicrous amounts of money. At the time, Mujin used to hold a Cockles festival. Yoon convinced people to buy land for premium prices by making fake promises about the increase in Mujin tourism with the idea that once redevelopment started, the land would be worth much more.

Nonetheless, the redevelopment plan didn’t come to fruition and only cost Mujin residents their hard-earned money. Yoon became rich off the townsfolk and became a Minister, leaving the town in dust. Back then, Assemblyman Cha used to be Yoon’s lackey and saw great profit from the scandal. Several people, including Ye-bun’s journalist mother, Mi-ok, led the protest against Yoon and Cha.

Worse yet, Ye-bun discovers that Cha may have a hand in her mother’s death. Although everyone assumes Mi-ok committed suicide, Ye-bun uses her powers on Cha and watches a memory of him leaving an unconscious Mi-ok in a car, later found in the ocean. Grandpa Bong must have suspected Cha’s involvement in his daughter’s death and started his investigation. Now, years later, Cha tries to repeat history by starting redevelopment talk again with the Prawn festival at the center.

Is There a Third Psychometric?

Previously, Ye-bun and Gwang-sik assumed they were the only ones with psychic abilities. The duo acquired their powers after a freak accident on the night of a rare meteor shower. At the time of the incident, Gwang-sik and Ye-bun were touching the former’s cow, Geumsil. As a result, they can now see a person/animal’s memories by touching them at specific spots corresponding to where they were in contact with Geumsil. However, after Gwang-sik takes a peek into Ye-bun’s memories, he learns that there was another presence on his farm on that fateful night.

Since Gwang-sik can only make out the general physical silhouette of the stranger, he can’t tell the person’s identity. Therefore, Jang-yeol comes up with a plan to find the truth by averting suspects to Gwang-sik or Ye-bun’s booths at the festival. By doing so, the psychics can look into the suspects’ memories and learn their whereabouts on the meteor shower night.

Equipping Ok-hui’s help diverting people toward their booths, the team goes through their suspect list one after the other. Ultimately, the group narrows their list down to the three individuals present at Gwang-sik’s farm that night: Shaman Park, Assemblyman Cha, and Seon-woo. Considering the killer’s M.O. and penchant for escaping detection, they are most likely another psychic. Consequently, even though none of these people were in contact with Geumsil, one must have acquired powers similar to Ye-bun.

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