Behind Your Touch Episodes 7 and 8 Recap: Serial Killer Stirs Mujin’s Fears

Following a quirky crime-solving duo in the small town of Mujin, Netflix’s ‘Behind Your Touch’ is a South Korean comedy crime show. Shortly after local veterinarian Bong Ye-bun acquires psychometric powers, she starts using her ability to help a new transfer, Detective Moon Jang-yeol, solve cases around the neighborhood. Although the duo starts their adventures with various crimes, their paths eventually cross with a killer on the loose.

In episodes 7 & 8, Jang-yeol and Ye-bun realize they are dealing with a serial killer, and as the news gets out, it effectively puts every resident under suspicion. Undoubtedly, the viewers must be looking for answers on how the duo’s investigation unfolds and what suspects they cross off their list. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Behind Your Touch Episodes 7 and 8 Recap

Following Seung-gil’s gruesome death, Jang-yeol’s anger clouds his judgment, and he rushes out of the hospital. Ye-bun reminds the detective that he’s still in recovery, but when that fails, she joins him in his car, unwilling to let him go anywhere alone. The pair ends up at Baek’s place, where Jang-yeol beats the drug dealer up, assuming he’s the one who killed his friend. However, Ye-bun stops him from doing something terrible and uses her powers to confirm Baek is innocent of the crime.

Still, Jang-yeol’s former Seoul coworkers arrive at the scene and arrest both the men. After spending a few nights in Seoul, Jang-yeol returns to Mujin and starts investigating Seung-gil’s death with Ye-bun’s help. Soon, they figure out that the killer was wearing a green raincoat, which seems to be a staple among Mujin residents, much to Jang-yeol’s dismay. Likewise, the blue floral knife Ye-bun sees the killer use in her vision is a household essential in the community.

Eventually, while treating one of her pawed patients, Ye-bun learns about Si-a’s dead body at the beach, opening up another murder investigation. Since both killings seem to be done in a similar haphazard, random fashion, Jang-yeol believes it to be the work of a serial killer. Yet, the close-knit, usually crime-less community of Mujin can hardly handle the idea of a serial killer among them. The infamous town Shaman, Mr. Park, sees a business opportunity and convinces his neighborhood to hold a rite to ward off the evil from Mujin.

Although Park doesn’t expect the rite to pay off in any other sense than monetary, he surprises everyone and himself after getting possessed by the murder victims and announcing that the murderer is within the spiritual rite crowd. Meanwhile, Ye-bun realizes that the killer must have figured out she’s helping Jang-yeol with the investigation and would likely target her next.

Nonetheless, Ye-bun relents after Jang-yeol assures her he will keep her safe. Furthermore, the duo learns about a troubled young girl, Ae-ran’s disappearance, which emotionally motivates Ye-bun to return to crime-solving. Things take an eerie turn when the evidence starts pointing toward acquaintances like Ye-bun’s crush, Seon-woo, and regular customer Gwang-sik.

Behind Your Touch Episode 8 Ending: Is Gwang-sik The Killer?

After Ae-ran’s disappearance, her roommate and coworker at the Mujin Coffee House worries about her friend and files a report with Jang-yeol at the police station. Ji-suk and Ae-ran work under their boss/landlady, who viciously controls them with little care about their well-being. Therefore, when Jang-yeol and Ye-bun arrive at the coffeehouse for questioning, the lady denies rumors of Ae-ran’s disappearance and lies about the woman’s return to her hometown. Although the visit doesn’t give them any answers, Ye-bun acquires a clue about Ae-ran’s motorcycle that she allegedly ran away on.

After learning that a school student stole the motorcycle after finding it abandoned on the road, Ye-bun and Jang-yeol become privy about where Ae-ran disappeared from. With the help of CCTV footage, Jang-yeol finds visual evidence that the killer attacked Ae-ran because of their signature green coat and floral knife. However, the overwhelming evidence pointing toward the killer bugs Jang-yeol since the killer has never been so lousy with their murders before. After retracing Ae-ran’s steps, Jang-yeol arrives at Gwang-sik’s farm, which is on Ae-ran’s return route to the coffeehouse.

When Ye-bun and Jang-yeol ask Gwang-sik about Ae-ran, the milkman denies ever seeing the woman. Nevertheless, Ye-bun, who has previously seen Gwang-sik’s memories through her powers, knows the man is lying. In Gwang-sik’s memories, Ye-bun saw him often spending time with Ae-ran, given the woman’s attraction toward him. As such, he becomes a prime suspect, leading to the duo trailing after him.

Along the way, Jang-yeol and Ye-bun take different routes, with the latter arriving at Gwang-sik’s final destination earlier. Ye-bun ventures into Mujin’s Industrial Plant area in the dark of the evening, and Gwang-sik confronts her. The two psychometrics get into a silly showdown, with each trying to touch the other’s body parts that will allow them access to their memories. In the meantime, Jang-yeol arrives at the remote warehouse.

Even though Ye-bun believes her life is in danger, Jang-yeol ignores her and looks around the warehouse. Jang-yeol realized that Gwang-sik was harmless because the serial killer never attacked Ae-ran. The coffeehouse worker’s alleged murder is the first instance where the killer has left behind clues that could be discovered without Ye-bun’s help. Furthermore, the crime scene isn’t in line with the other murders.

Once Ye-bun confirms that Gwang-sik’s memories showed no signs of murdering the previous victims, Jang-yeol puts the entire picture together. Due to Ae-ran’s awful living situation and impossible debt to her boss, the former felt she had no choice but to run away. Therefore, Gwang-sik, dating Ae-ran, stages a serial killer attack to help her escape by faking her death. Ultimately, despite not being a killer, Gwang-sik is arrested alongside Ae-ran for their actions.

Is Seon-woo The Killer?

Apart from Gwang-sik, Seon-woo is the only other significant suspect Jang-yeol and Ye-bun deal with in this episode. The town generally seems to have a paranoia about non-native residents who live within Mujin, with the idea that only outsiders could bring such crime into their community. Regardless, Seon-woo’s character often invites suspicion in regard to his connection to the killer. Nonetheless, after Ye-bun finds a connection between Seon-woo and Ae-ran’s missing motorbike, Jang-yeol compels her to touch Seon-woo to see if he’s the killer.

Although Ye-bun has fantasized about seeing Seon-woo’s memories many times before, she is reluctant now, unwilling to indulge the idea that he can be the killer. Still, once Ye-bun uses her powers on Seon-woo and finds no memory of Ae-ran, she gleefully asserts that he is not the killer.

However, Gwang-sik shares information near the end that puts things under a different lens. Gwang-sik uses his powers on Ye-bun during their face-off and discovers that another person was in the barn with Ye-bun and him on the night of the meteor shower. Consequently, the pair realizes another psychometric is running loose in the town. If the killer and the psychometric are the same person, as they suspect, then it is possible that the killer is someone whom Ye-bun has already touched.

In that case, the killer, having realized Ye-bun’s psychic powers put them in danger of recognition, would have to kill their victims with their eyes closed. Since psychometrics can only see whatever their subjects see, this would exempt the killer from suspicion even after Ye-bun touches them. It would also explain the consistently haphazard stab wounds found on the victims since the killer wouldn’t be utilizing their sight during the killings. Although this is only a theory, it threatens to undo Seon-woo’s proven innocence.

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