Behind Your Touch Episode 4: Who is The Killer? Theories

The South Korean Netflix crimecomedy show, ‘Behind Your Touch‘ follows Detective Moon Jang-yeol and psychometric veterinarian Bong Ye-bun’s crime-solving adventures in the small town of Mujin. In the show’s third episode, the duo saves MeTube Streamer Si-a from the clutches of her violent ex, Jong-Hyeok, who abducts and holds her hostage.

However, in the next episode, after Si-a gets in a late-night car accident, a stranger clad in a dark raincoat attacks her and stabs her by the beach. While the protagonists have yet to take notice of the murder or the killer seemingly loose in their town, the latter’s presence likely brings up some questions for the viewers. Therefore, if you’re curious about the mysterious killer’s identity, here are our thoughts on the same! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who is The Killer?

So far, the show has only showcased a glimpse of the killer following their first on-screen murder. Not much is known about them other than their dark green raincoat and weapon of choice: a white knife adorned with a delicate blue floral pattern. While talking about potential suspects regarding the killer’s identity, the most obvious choice that comes to mind is Jong-Hyeok.

Si-a’s vindictive ex, Jong-Hyeok, has already attempted to kill her once before. Therefore, he clearly possesses the motive for the murder. Si-a, a famous internet personality, puts on a fake innocent facade on social media to maintain her brand identity while living a much different life in reality. After learning about his girlfriend’s infidelity, Jong-Hyeok takes drastic measures and abducts Si-a to harm and humiliate her.

Ultimately, he tries to kill her by hanging her from the ceiling, but thankfully Ye-bun arrives in time to save her alongside Jang-yeol. As such, although Jong-Hyeok has the motive to kill Si-a, his involvement in her murder seems unlikely since Jang-yeol imprisons him for his crimes in episode 3.

Consequently, with Jong-Hyeok off the table, we have to consider someone without any personal vendetta against Si-a. One of the last people to see Si-a alive, Seon-woo, presents an intriguing candidate. The audience knows almost next-to-nothing about Seon-woo except for the bits and pieces of his life that he shares with Ye-bun.

So far, Seon-woo seems like the perfect dreamy gentleman for Ye-bun. He cares about stray animals and has a humble and modest personality. Occupying the romantic interest space within the narrative, Seon-woo might be the last person anyone considers for such a ruthless crime. Nevertheless, the juxtaposition between his sweet persona and the possibility of his involvement in Si-a’s murder would perfectly parallel the killer’s harsh actions executed by a charming knife.

Furthermore, Seon-woo isn’t a Mujin native and moves into the area on a whim after his mother’s death. Considering how out of place a serial killer is in Mujin’s quiet small town, assuming the killer is an outsider seems fair. Likewise, Seon-woo’s decision to move in with the local Shaman after realizing the house will keep him in close proximity to Ye-bun also feels laced with ill intentions.

In any case, if the narrative used Seon-woo’s pleasant personality as a red herring, his reveal as a serial killer would definitely make for a fun watch. Still, since we know so little about the killer and their pattern, nothing is set in stone yet. It is just as likely that Gwang-sik, the truck driver Si-a runs into on the road, is the real killer. As the last person to see Si-a alive, Gwang-sik would be privy to her location and helpless condition.

Therefore, with a number of suspects lined up, there are certainly a collection of possible guesses to be made regarding the killer’s identity with the current information. As of now, Jong-Hyeok, Seon-woo, and Gwang-sik are our best bets, given the killer doesn’t turn out to be a character that hasn’t been introduced yet. Ultimately, future episodes should provide more information about the killer as they will surely continue with their killings.

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