Bella and Cason Crane From Race To Survive Alaska: All We Know About Them

Image Credit: Bella Crane/Instagram

USA Network’s ‘Race To Survive: Alaska’ is a reality show that follows strong contestants who drive to outperform fellow racers and survival experts in the 300-square mile-long terrains of wild Alaska. Season 1 features Bella and Cason Crane, a sibling duo ready to conquer all that comes their way. They both identify as athletes and lead an active lifestyle balanced with fun and partying. If you were amused by the two and want to learn more about their background, we’ve got you covered.

Bella and Cason’s Age, Education, and Adventurous Endeavors

25-year-old Bella and her 29-year-old brother Cason currently reside in New York. They both attended Choate Rosemary Hall, a boarding and day school where they accomplished multiple feats. Cason graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in History (2013-2017) with a 3.95 GPA. He was active in various societies and was honored for his excellence in History and American studies.

On the other hand, Bella worked alongside researchers at the same university in 2019, at the Mpala Research Centre, where she studied wildlife biology and ecology. In 2015, she enrolled for a Bachelor’s in Sustainable Development and Middle Eastern Studies at Columbia University. Here, she was the leader of the Columbia Outdoor Orientation Program, and she graduated in 2020.

The duo comes from a family of adventure enthusiasts, so seeing them on such a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping show is no surprise. Bella has completed the Pacific Crest Trail all by herself, which takes around five months to complete on foot. On the other hand, Cason made history when he became the first openly gay mountaineer to backpack across the Seven Summits, where he planted the pride flag.

Bella and Cason’s Profession

In June 2009, Nancy Pelosi (former Speaker) appointed Cason as the Documentarian Page at the U.S. House of Representatives, where he worked for two months. After a year, he became a Research Assistant at Princeton University, where he developed a new paradigm for associative learning for the next three months, from June to August 2010. His first internship was at the New Israel Fund in the development department from September to December 2011.

Later, Cason also interned for three months at Association for Civil Rights in Tel Aviv, Israel, in their International Relations Department starting in March 2012. His next five-month internship began from August 2012 to December 2012 at Democratic Congressional Campaign Center in the finance section. Cason was shortly employed as a Summer Analyst at Morgan Stanley for nearly three months in mid-2014 and then again in 2016. In Amman, Jordan, he was an Investment Team Summer Analyst for Oasis500 from June to August 2015.

Cason was employed at Community Bucket as a Director of Strategy from January to July 2020. For the next 3.6 years, he was a consultant at Bain & Company, advising multiple Fortune 100 businesses. Climbing the Seven Summits was a part of Cason’s The Rainbow Summits Project, which he founded to raise $135,000 for the cause of suicide prevention in the LGBTQ community. Currently, he’s the Founder of Explorer Cold Brew, based in Brooklyn, New York. His company is the world’s first premium cold brew that allows its customers to modify their caffeine levels.

Bella also has an equally impressive career graph. She interned at the United States Senate from June to August 2013. Later, she was recruited by the H.R. Department of International Media Corps as their Emergency Response Recruitment Intern in June 2017 for three months. In February 2018, Bella worked as a research intern at The Years Project for five months. She was a Field Logistics Coordinator at The Road Less Traveled for the following two months.

In addition, Bella was an Investment Banking Summer Analyst for Rubicon Capital Advisors from May to August 2019. Her first full-time position was as an Investment Banking Analyst at Nomura Greentech, which started in July 2020 until she moved on to the next company in 1.2 years. Shortly after, she joined Aspen Power as a Financial Analyst for 1.5 years and later switched to Investment Associate in January 2023, her current designation.

Bella and Cason’s Dating Life

Yes, Bella and Cason both have significant others in their lives. As of now, the former is in a relationship with Wyatt Foglia, a Demand Partnership Manager at Yieldmo, who seemingly resides in Brooklyn, New York. The adventurous couple enjoys exploring the world together, whether it be snowcapped mountains or the dry terrains of Canyonlands National Parks.

Meanwhile, Cason tied the knot with his partner Francis McGill in March 2022. The couple had a celebratory wedding, with all their friends and family cherishing their union. Later, they went to the Fari Islands in the Maldives for their exotic honeymoon. Interestingly, Francis proposed to Cason with a ring at the dreamy Ponte Vedra Beach in Flordia. The entrepreneur’s husband has been a partner of Pershing Square Capital Management for more than eight years. Together, Cason and Francis continue to support each other through all their endeavors.

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