Are Ben and Alex From Dating Around Still Together?

‘Dating Around’ is the newest dating reality series on Netflix. Unlike the popular series’ like ‘Too Hot To Handle‘ or ‘First Dates’ or ‘Love Island,’ this one focuses on just one dater going on five separate blind dates in an episode. The aim of the game is for the dater to decide which of the five warrants a second date.

By including people of various races and sexual orientations, this series has become a fan favorite. To be honest, even the cynics can enjoy it because it is as authentic as it can be. Season 2 of ‘Dating Around’ recently premiered, and in it, we were introduced to the loving Ben and his pick Alex. If you’re here because you want to know their history and where they are now, you’ve come to the right place.

Ben and Alex: Dating Around Journey

The Computer Science Professor at the University of New Orleans is one of the most compassionate and caring individuals to have appeared on the series. Hoping to find “the one” after his last relationship, which persisted for more than 10 years, ended in a bit of a disaster, he came to the dating scene for the first time in his life, meeting Alex, Shamerick, Kat, Stephanie, and Jaden.

The musician and New Orleans native was as kind as a woman can get. Even though some people might have found Ben’s personality and awkwardness to be a bit weird, she rightly found it to be endearing and interesting. Their conversations ranging from small talk to deeper and more fulfilling topics made their connection stronger and stronger as their date went on.

The way they found their common ground of love for music and gnocchi was also one of the most entertaining aspects of Ben’s episode. The way he was looking at Alex when she talked about hosting a radio show with other artists to raise awareness about mental health made it very evident that he thought the world of her. He even voiced his appreciation for all that she did, and their date kept on getting better.

Ben’s emotional and sensitive side also came out after Jaden, another one of his dates, refused his advances, but with Alex, he never had any trouble throughout the night. Therefore, it was no surprise that he picked her for their second date, and took her for a romantic picnic.

Are Ben and Alex Still Together?

We were able to find Ben and Alex’s social media accounts, but the truth is that neither of them is very active on there or open about their personal lives. They do both still reside and New Orleans and have their respective jobs as a Professor and Musician but whether or not they are still romantically involved is a bit unclear at the moment. We do hope that, because they still live in the same city, they are at least still in touch with each other.

Ben posted about his appearance on the reality series on his Twitter account, saying, “So, remember that silly project? Here it is! I’m gonna be on a Netflix show! A *reality dating* show no less! But trust me, it’s real classy. #DatingAround comes out this Friday, June 12! But you can watch me act *very* Ben-like in the trailer right now!” Staying true to his nature, even his bio specifies that he tries “to be really nice to everyone.”

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