Is Ben Platt Gay? Who Is He Dating?

Benjamin Schiff Platt, better known as Ben Platt, is an actor, singer, and songwriter. He began his career in theater as just a child, which has enabled him to appear in the Broadway productions of “The Music Man,” “The Book of Mormon,” and “Dear Evan Hansen.” The Tony Award winner can also be seen in movies like ‘Pitch Perfect,’ its sequel, and ‘Ricki and The Flash.’ Most recently though, he was the star of the Netflix comedy-drama series ‘The Politician.’

Because we’ve come to know so much about Ben Platt’s professional life and career and got to see him in such hits on our screens, its only natural to be curious about his personal life. So, just keep on reading and get to know all the details!

Is Ben Platt Gay?

Yes, Ben Platt is gay. Ben came out to his family when he was twelve years old and publicly in 2019 through the music video for his song “Ease My Mind” from his debut album “Sing To Me Instead.” In an interview with Variety, while he was talking about being queer and his music video, he said: “It was really a conscious decision. You know, I’m going to be public about this, [but] to go in and edit my relationship seemed silly for no reason. I don’t think I realized the gravity of it until it was out and I was seeing people’s reaction to it.”

Ben is one of the very few celebrities who have come out so early on in their careers. His album was a very lyrically honest piece about who he is and all his experiences, it just so happened that most of these were related to all the men he’d been in love with. Ben never once tried to hide his feelings, troubles, or all the obstacles he faced throughout the album, and by freely using “he” in his songs, he ensured that his music was as authentic as him.

“It’s completely me. I’m getting to share without any filter of character or writing. But I really am loving that feeling,” Ben told People. He even added that “If I was going to write about people I loved, I wasn’t going to pretend they weren’t men just because I hadn’t talked about that before.”

Ben Platt Boyfriend

Ben Platt is currently dating actor Noah Galvin. Noah is actually Ben’s successor in playing the titular role in the Broadway production of “Dear Evan Hansen.” While we do not exactly know how they first met or when their relationship began, it’s clear that it was through the theater and the musical.

In an interview with the Little Known Facts podcast, Noah confirmed their relationship status. “Ben and I are dating,” he said. “I asked him this morning, I was like, “Are we allowed to talk about this?” And he’s like, “Don’t go into our nitty-gritty, but yeah, people can know.” It’s still relatively new.”

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the couple is currently quarantined together with their friend Kathryn Gallagher in New York. Noah even spoke about his 26th birthday spent in quarantine and what Ben did for him to make it special. “Long story short, Ben made me a birthday video. Ben very sweetly for the past, like, probably three months, has been putting together this video for me,” he explained. “It’s all my favorite drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race and beyond and all of my friends in drag, wishing me a happy birthday.”

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