Who Was Benita Alexander’s Ex-Husband? How Did He Die?

Image Credit: ABC News

When Benita Alexander first came across renowned thoracic surgeon Paolo Macchiarini while planning to produce a documentary on him, she had no idea he’d turn her whole world upside down. After all, as carefully explored in Peacock’s ‘Dr. Death’ season 2, he did help her believe in love again following two failed marriages, but then it came to light every single one of his promises were a sham too. Yet for now, if you simply wish to learn more about her first ex-husband, John Noel — with a particular focus on his background as well as his ultimate fate — we’ve got the necessary details for you.

Who Was John Noel?

It was reportedly back when John was just a young man growing up in Brooklyn, New York, that he first developed an interest in communication and journalism, just for it to continue expanding as the years passed. He hence enrolled at Brooklyn College almost as soon as he was able to graduate summa cum laude before eventually pursuing a Master’s in Journalism from the University of Missouri. Then came the 1970s and his decision to enlist in the Army, from where he partook in the Vietnam War while he was stationed in Nakhon Phanom, Thailand, assigned to their local network as a radio jockey.

When John subsequently returned, he actually joined the professional workforce as a programmer, announcer, as well as producer, leading him straight to Detroit before a stint in St. Louis. According to reports, it was while he was working in Michigan that he came across aspiring news producer Benita for the very first time, just for them to soon fall head over heels in love. They hence tied the knot in a beautifully intimate ceremony and settled down in New York for better work opportunities before eventually welcoming an adorable little girl into their world in 2003.

But alas, following 12 years of togetherness, things between John and Benita began crumbling apart, leading to them filing for a divorce, which soon became utterly long-drawn and bitter. Nevertheless, these New Yorkers still managed to walk away from it rather amicably since their daughter Jessina was their top priority — they wanted her to have both parents. The truth is Benita was actually granted their baby girl’s primary custody, but she and John remained on the same page regarding their wish for her to be raised in two separate yet complete households.

How Did John Noel Die?

Things were actually going incredibly well for John in both a personal as well as a professional sense when he sadly got diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer called glioblastoma. This New York Emmy award-winning reporter was given a mere 6% chance of survival, which pushed the exes and their daughter closer together, enabling them to say their final goodbyes before it was too late. His nearly career-long co-workers then said their byes too, and he ultimately passed away from complications of his brain tumor on June 5, 2013. The New York State Broadcasters Award and the Tenants Council of Brooklyn Award for Excellence in Broadcast Television recipient was 62 at the time, and he’d been affiliated with NBC for over 15 years.

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