Preview: Better Call Saul S05 E07

Better Call Saul‘ Season 5 has already driven in a wedge between Jimmy or Saul, and Kim. From the start of the new season, with Jimmy’s transformation, their relationship has been strained. Now, with Jimmy running a con on Kim as well, it almost seemed like their relationship would snap, and we’d see the Saul we know, from ‘Breaking Bad‘.

However, with one and a half seasons to go, the writers are going to take some time with that, and Kim proposes marriage to Jimmy by the end of ‘Wexler v. Goodman’. Elsewhere, Mike acts on Gus’ instructions and gets Lalo into trouble with the cops. Curious to find out what awaits you in the upcoming episode? We have got you covered, as we also tell you when and where to watch next week’s episode.

Better Call Saul Season 5 Episode 7 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘Better Call Saul’ Season 5 Episode 7 is slated to be released on Monday, March 30, 2020, at 9/8c. Titled ‘JMM’, the episode sees Kim and Jimmy building a legal firewall with Huell’s assistance. She sets things right with her clients, and Jimmy is compromised by his.

Meanwhile, Mike does some damage control, while Gus has to calm troubled waters, because he’s engaging in a war on all fronts, and wants to build his empire. Check out the promo below.

Where to Watch Better Call Saul Season 5 Episode 7 Online?

‘Better Call Saul’ is on AMC, so you would usually need to have a cable connection to watch it. However, in today’s day and age, you can stream it on the AMC site. Cord cutters can also use options like Fubo TVSling TVYouTube TV, and Philo TV.

Amazon Prime subscribers have the option to purchase and stream the episodes, but they will become available a day after it airs. Netflix subscribers can rewatch the show up until Season 4, at the moment. Season 5 will make its way to the platform after it finishes airing on AMC. You can check our detailed coverage of when ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 5 comes to Netflix, here.

Better Call Saul Season 5 Episode 7 Spoilers:

Thanks to Saul’s con, Kevin is forced to make a hard call, and operate without his lawyers. Although he reaches a handshake deal with Saul, it is now up to Kim and Rich to convince him to stay with them. While Kim tries to make things right with Kevin, it is clear that Lalo might turn to his own legal fixer to get him out of the jam.

Since Mike’s antics have put Lalo behind bars, he will be looking to Saul’s antics to get him out. Saul has tried to steer clear of the really shady clients, like the cartel, but in his walk of life, that is not always a choice. With Huell coming on, in the upcoming episode, we can expect some hustle concocted by Jimmy to get out of this mess.

The cartel side of the story seems to be the focus in the upcoming episode, with Gus waging a war, and playing a long game. Mike, who’s been at odds with his family for some time, is expected to make things right, now that he’s on a better path.

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