Who Was Bill Wilkinson? Does 284 Green Street Still Exist?

With Apple TV+’s ‘The Enfield Poltergeist’ living up to its title, we get a deep insight into the supernatural activities at 284 Green Street that revolved around two young girls from 1977 onwards. They were sisters, 11-year-old Janet Hodgson and 13-year-old Margaret Hodgson, who’d been residing in this council house alongside their two younger brothers plus single mother for a few years.

Now, you might think this sounds a little similar, but that’s because these real-life events actually served as an inspiration behind the incredibly terrifying 2016 horror-drama film ‘The Conjuring 2.‘ Yet for now, if you simply wish to learn more about the “ghost” in this situation, alongside the significance of this exact Enfield, London, England, address, we’ve got the crucial details for you.

Was There Ever a Bill Wilkinson?

According to reports, as indicated in both the Jerry Rothwell-directed docu-series as well as the haunting movie, there really was a William “Bill” Charles Louis Wilkinson who’d died in this Enfield residence. The 61-year-old was seemingly proud to be living here when he suddenly went blind, only to die from a hemorrhage a few days later in the corner chair of the downstairs living room.

But alas, whether Bill actually haunted Janet to see his family again while kicking hers out or if his “presence” was a mere ruse somebody helped her develop; well, it remains unclear to this day. Although, in 1996, a man claiming to be his son did come forward to claim that the voice recorded by Maurice Grosse during his extensive investigations into this phenomenon did belong to his father. He couldn’t clarify why Bill’s “ghost” had asked the peculiar questions he did or came across as cruel before going quiet around 1979, yet he did confirm the cause of his death plus his 3-knock habit.

It was the latter — knocking sounds from within walls, floors, and ceilings alike — that had kickstarted this whole thing in the first place, and Bill’s son asserted this was a thing he used to do. As per ‘The Enfield Poltergeist,’ he once told Maurice, “See, the sort of things like knocking on the wall. The three knocks. Always the three knocks on the wall. During the war, they were air raid wardens together, and if the sirens ever went off, one would knock to the other one. Then they’d meet out the back… That’s how they used to communicate. Rather than going and knocking on doors, there’d be three taps on the wall every time.” It turns out this retired State Foreman had died on June 20, 1963.

Is 284 Green Street Still Inhabitable?

Since 284 Green Street is a council house in the Brimsdown neighborhood of Enfield in London, England, it is no secret that it still very much exists and is actually reportedly perfectly habitable at the moment. According to the last known records, a different family resides here these days, and they’ve had no issues with any sort of paranormal occurrences – in fact, no one has reported anything eerie concerning this address since 1979, that is, except Margaret Hodgson.

“I used to go back regularly just to look at that house,” Margaret said in the four-part documentary series. “About two years ago, we went in the car, my husband drove us. We got the feeling no one was really in there. We just had a look, and then all this flashing started in the living room. All the lights started going on and off, flashing on and off. I felt like something maybe had recognized me. I don’t want to go back there now, I don’t ever want to go back there.”

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