Will Cory Get Arrested? Is Billy Crudup Leaving The Morning Show?

In Apple TV+’s ‘The Morning Show‘ season 3, Billy Crudup’s Cory Ellison deals with many challenges as the UBA faces financial woes. However, at the end of the third season, Cory finds himself in a troubling legal issue, which stems from his conflict with billionaire Paul Marks. Ultimately, Cory faces an investigation for serious allegations against him, but the finale does not provide a firm answer about his fate. As a result, it is natural for viewers to wonder whether Cory will be arrested and if the character’s fate will affect actor Billy Crudup’s future on the show. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Allegations Against Cory

Cory Ellison finds himself in deep trouble come the end of the third season as his plan to sell the UBA to tech billionaire Paul Marks backfires. After Cory learns the truth about Paul and his intentions to sell off the network’s assets, he tries to kill the deal. However, to counterattack, Paul plants a scathing article about Cory, which alleges that he was involved in a case of sexual misconduct and abuse of power. According to the article, Cory allegedly used his position to harass and threaten Bradley when she refused to reciprocate his romantic feelings for her. In the third season finale, Cory faces an internal investigation from a legal team about the allegations and could face serious charges if he is found guilty of misconduct or other malpractices in the workplace. While Cory did have feelings for Bradley, the allegations are categorically untrue.

In the second season, Cory confesses his feelings for Bradley but backs off after learning about her relationship with Laura. Therefore, the allegations are purely fabricated and meant to tarnish Cory’s reputation. During the internal investigation, Bradley is questioned about the allegations against Cory and denies feeling threatened by her former boss. Hence, with the supposed victim herself defending the alleged accused, it is unlikely that Cory will face any legal repercussions. As a result, it is safe to say that Cory will not be arrested as he has not committed a crime as alleged by the article. However, Cory did help Bradley cover Hal’s involvement in the Capitol attacks, which might result in a fine as he did not inform the authorities, which can be seen as aiding in obstruction of justice. Nonetheless, an arrest seems like a minute possibility.

Billy Crudup Might Not Leave The Morning Show

Billy Crudup’s Cory Ellison finds himself in a bleak place at the end of the third season. The allegations against Cory and Bradley’s impending confession about the Capitol incident mean Cory will take a leave of absence from the UBA. Leonard suggests the same in the third season finale. When we last see Cory, he is still under investigation, and it is implied that Stella will be taking over the reins from him as the CEO of UBA. As a result, it appears as though Cory is being written off the show. The third season sees Cory gambling on the deal to sell the UBA to Paul amidst the network’s financial crisis in a post-pandemic world. It ends with Cory losing everything, including his reputation.

However, given Cory’s importance to the overall narrative, it is unlikely that the character will receive such an anticlimactic ending to his story. Cory is known for being an opportunist and has repeatedly demonstrated that he can turn any disadvantage into an advantage. Cory is not one to be dismissed by minor setbacks and will likely come back stronger. Moreover, Billy Crudup’s performance as Cory is an anchoring element of the series, and the actor has expressed no desire to exit the hit drama anytime soon. Hence, with the series already securing a fourth-season renewal and Cory having unfinished business at the UBA, it is safe to say that Crudup is not leaving ‘The Morning Show.’ Nonetheless, viewers will have to wait to find out what shape Cory’s story arc takes now that his time with the UBA has seemingly ended.

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