How Did Billy Nixon Die? Did Ólafur Darri Ólafsson Leave The Tourist?

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Netflix’s ‘The Tourist’ takes the audience through many twists and turns before giving them a clear picture of what’s going on with the man who has lost his memories. Starring Jamie Dornan in the lead role, the show keeps the mystery alive by keeping the Man just as mysterious to himself as he is to the audience. However, there are other characters that add to this mystery tenfold, and Billy Nixon is certainly one of them. He plays a crucial role in how things turn out for the Man in Season 1, but what happens to him by the end of it? SPOILERS AHEAD

Billy Nixon Fails to Kill the Man, aka Elliot Stanley

Image Credit: Ian Routledge/Two Brothers Pictures

Billy Nixon is introduced in ‘The Tourist’ as an assassin. He appears soon after the Man lands himself in the hospital following the car crash. It’s clear from the beginning that his intention is to kill the Man, and he doesn’t hesitate to kill anyone who creates a hurdle in his path or even appears in his path, for that matter. Billy’s ruthlessness becomes more clear with each step he takes as he comes close to killing Helen Chambers, even though she is a police officer, and killing her would bring more heat to him.

The mystery behind Billy’s interest in the Man also becomes clear when their connection with Kosta comes to light. It turns out that the Man revealed to be Elliot Stanley, worked for Kosta, the boss of the Greek drug cartel. Elliot was an accountant, but he fell in love with Victoria, Kosta’s fiancee, and together, they ran away with a million dollars he kept in a bag for sentimental reasons. Kosta had less interest in Victoria and Elliot and more in his money, so he sent Billy Nixon to find the duo and get the money back. Only when his million dollars were retrieved would Nixon get to kill the duo.

While he is certainly a professional and has killed a number of people, Nixon finds it uncannily difficult to get his hands on Elliot. Every time he tries to get close, something comes in between, and Elliot always finds a way to escape. When he tracks down the target to a local’s house in Burnt Ridge, he goes in guns blazing but fails and has to chase after Elliot and Luci, aka Victoria. The duo gets the better of him, and instead of killing them, he ends up falling into a well.

Nixon is lucky enough not to die when he falls into the well, but it turns out that his luck has run out. He tracks down Luci to her house, believing that he will find Elliot there as well. He turns out to be wrong, and in a fight in which he tries to kill Luci, Nixon ends up falling on a piece of glass on the window that he himself had broken. This time, there is no reprieve for him, and he bleeds to death on the floor of Luci’s place.

Ólafur Darri Ólafsson is Unlikely to Return to The Tourist

Image Credit: Ian Routledge/Two Brothers Pictures

Considering that Billy Nixon is clearly dead in ‘The Tourist,’ it’s fair to assume that we won’t be seeing him again next season. His only part in the story was to find and capture Elliot, get the money out of him, and then kill him. He would have easily done it, but luck turned out to be on Elliot’s side, and he narrowly escaped every single time. Instead, Nixon fell victim to terrible luck and ended up losing his life.

For Elliot, there’s still a lot to be explored. While he knows a bit about himself, it’s just a fraction of his life, and he knows nothing of what happened before he started working for Kosta. There is little to no space for Billy Nixon in all of this, so it makes sense that he won’t appear in the following season. Even if he does, it is going to be in some flashback scene.

While he might have left behind the character of Billy Nixon, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson has no reason to slow down. The actor, known for his work on ‘Trapped’ and ‘NOS4A2,’ has several projects lined up for release, including ‘Severance’ Season 2, the next season of ‘Ráðherrann,’ and a movie titled ‘A Winter’s Journey’ starring Jason Issacs, John Malkovich. His busy schedule means that it would have to be a very compelling part to bring him back to ‘The Tourist.’

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