Black-ish Season 9: Renewed or Cancelled?

Image Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Black-ish’ or ‘black-ish’ is an ABC sitcom that follows the Johnsons, an upper-class black family. The multigenerational family consists of Andre ‘Dre’ Johnson, his wife Rainbow, their four kids, as well as Dre’s parents – Earl AKA Pops and Ruby. Apart from focusing on the everyday lives of the Johnsons, the comedy show also shines a light on relevant sociopolitical issues.

Created by Kenya Barris, the sitcom first premiered on September 24, 2014. Upon its release, the series generated a lot of interest among viewers, especially due to its ability to tackle sensitive topics without compromising its comedic tone. It even received nominations for the Emmys and Golden Globe Awards. So, it is understandable if you are expecting a follow-up round after season 8 concluded its run on television. So, let us discuss the possibility of a potential season 9.

black-ish Season 9 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

‘black-ish’ season 8 premiered on January 4, 2022, on ABC, with the season finale being aired on April 19, 2022. The eighth installment comprises 13 episodes with a running time of about 22 minutes each.

With regard to the show’s ninth outing, we have news. Fans will be heartbroken to know that the eighth season was greenlit as the sitcom’s swan song. In April 2022, Anthony Anderson (Dre) – who is also an executive producer of the show – shared, “I personally think that the show could have gone on and continued to tell more stories. But the network saw differently.”

However, show creator Barris suggested that ending the series was a mutual decision. The caption of his May 2021 social media post read, “In this day and age it is rare to get to decide when your show should come to an end, and we are grateful along with ABC to be able to make this final season exactly what we’d hoped for – and to do it with the entire and AMAZINGLY STELLAR cast coming back to close this chapter out with us the right way!”

Barris also thanked the cast, crew, and fans – all of whom were responsible for the success of the ABC production. The series creator and executive producer even expressed how proud he was of all that the sitcom stands for and the difference it has made in society by bringing forth topics that people at large were not comfortable talking about.

Despite the ABC comedy’s stellar success, it is hard not to notice the consistent decline in the number of viewers tuning in with every season. So, it was not very surprising that the network decided to end the show with its eighth edition. Taking everything into account, it is highly unlikely that ‘black-ish’ season 9 will get made. But an eight-season run is nothing short of impressive as not many shows get that privilege.

Shooting the final season was an extremely emotional affair for the cast, as they spent eight years of their lives working together. On ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ Anderson admitted, “I did [cry]. I didn’t cry as much as Tracee Ellis Ross [Bow], though… Actually the last day I think I cried a little bit more than [Ross] did, and I didn’t think it was going to hit me the way that it did.”

Anderson continued, “I had been prepping myself for it, and in the last scene on the last day is when I lost it, and it was unexpected for me…but that just goes to show how much I love what I do [and] love doing it with the people that I did it with for the last eight years.”

Similarly, on several occasions, actress Ross opened up about her experience of filming the final episodes. Although she was overwhelmed, she felt great joy and pride for what they had all created together. However, if you cannot get enough of the Johnson family, you may watch the spin-off series ‘Grown-ish.’ The series is going strong and has been renewed for its fifth installment.

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