Blade Runner 2099 Starts Filming in Europe in May

The filming of Prime Video’s science-fiction series ‘Blade Runner 2099’ is set to commence in Europe in May. Set in the ‘Blade Runner’ universe, the plot of the show, which is a sequel to Denis Villeneuve’s 2017 film ‘Blade Runner 2049,’ is currently under wraps but it will mainly revolve around a female detective named Cora. Silka Luisa serves as the showrunner.

In ‘Blade Runner 2049,’ Ryan Gosling’s Officer K navigates a dystopian future where replicants and humans coexist uneasily. K uncovers a secret that could reshape society, leading him on a quest to find Rick Deckard, a former blade runner missing for decades. As K delves deeper into the mystery, he unravels revelations about his own identity and sparks a potential revolution between replicants and humans.

The comments of Ridley Scott, who directed the original ‘Blade Runner,’ and the narrative hints from ‘Blade Runner 2049’ suggest several possible story arcs for the limited series. Scott’s comparison of the series to ‘Brave New World’ implies that the Wallace Corporation might still exert influence, setting the stage for a potential overthrow. Additionally, Villeneuve’s film hints at a group of replicants building a resistance, foreshadowing a looming conflict between a replicant army and their creator.

Predicting the cast of ‘Blade Runner 2099’ remains tough, given the clear indication in the title that the series is set fifty years after the events in ‘Blade Runner 2049.’ The likelihood of Ryan Gosling returning as Officer K is low, considering that the conclusion of the second movie strongly implies his demise. Furthermore, it is anticipated that the cast will predominantly include new actors portraying entirely original characters.

Luisa, the showrunner, is known for creating Apple TV+’s crime drama series ‘Shining Girls,’ starring Elisabeth Moss and Wagner Moura. Her credits as a writer include Paramount+ shows ‘Halo‘ and ‘Strange Angel.’ The writing team includes Tom Spezialy (‘The Leftovers’ and ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’) and Monica Revilla (‘Someone Has to Die’ and ‘The House of Flowers’). Jeremy Podeswa (‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Station Eleven’) is on board as a director. Scott and his production company Scott Free are partnering with Amazon Studios to bring the dystopian project to the small screen.

The initial production schedules of the show were affected by the 2023 WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Europe has consistently served as a favored location for appealing productions, as exemplified in projects like Ridley Scott’s ‘Napoleon‘ and ‘John Wick: Chapter 4.’

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