Blasted Mid-Credits Scene, Explained: Where Are Audun and Stine?

Directed by Martin Sofiedal, Netflix’s Norwegian film ‘Blasted’ follows a corporate employee named Sebastian, who invites his client Kasper to his bachelor party to close a deal. Sebastian’s friends Audun, Pelle, and Mikkel join the two of them as the group arrives at the mountain valley town of Hessdalen. The friends unexpectedly encounter a group of possessed beings, refer to as aliens, who try to abduct them.

The science-fiction film ends with Audun stepping up to save his friends Sebastian and Mikkel, risking his own life, from an astounding threat. When Sebastian and others believe that Audun is dead, the mid-credit scene of the film offers a startling revelation. Let us dive into the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Where Are Audun and Stine?

When the alien creature comes out of its chamber, Sebastian sets a laser bomb to escape from the cave. Even though the explosion harms the creature, it revives to attack Sebastian and Mikkel. Audun arrives to save his two friends from the creature and asks them to leave the place. In no time, the creature’s spacecraft gets separated from the cave and flies away. Sebastian and others believe that Audun is dead, along with Stine, who passes out due to the explosion inside the spacecraft. On Sebastiana and Josefine’s wedding day, the friends reminisce about Audun and his supposed sacrifice.

However, the mid-credit scene reveals that Audun and Stine are not dead. They are still inside the spacecraft, which is going to the alien creature’s home planet. After letting Sebastian and Mikkel escape from the creature, Audun may have fought it valiantly. Even though it is improbable to kill it with an ordinary laser gun, Audun may have succeeded in forcing it back to its chamber with the gun, which also explains how he survives the creature.

Since the creature is still alive, Audun and Stine may become aliens again. Since they are going to the creature’s home planet, being aliens may even turn out to be advantageous for them. Considering that the creatures and aliens are seemingly telepathically connected, becoming aliens again increases the chances of their survival on the new planet as they most likely will not be considered external threats. Audun and Stine may also be able to escape from the wrath of the creature inside the spacecraft by being its disciples, especially after Audun’s provocation and attack.

The mid-credit scene also leaves ample scope for a ‘Blasted’ sequel. The potential sequel can begin with the spacecraft reaching the alien creature’s home planet. If Audun and Stine become aliens, they may survive among other aliens and even try to contact Sebastian and Pelle. Considering that the fate of Kasper is ambiguous, we can also look forward to seeing the duo teaming up with him if he is alive. Audun and Stine may take advantage of the aliens’ advanced technology to return to the planet Earth and their struggles to do so may shape the possible sequel.

If the creature continues to consider Audun an enemy and Stine its disciple, we can expect tensions to arise between them. Survival may become a tough affair for Audun if his only company in the spacecraft becomes a threat to his life along with the monstrous entity. If Kasper is alive, he may team up with Audun to deal with the creature and its possible disciple. Considering all these possibilities, we can say that the mid-credit scene sets the stage for an intriguing and potential sequel. In whatever way Audun and Stine’s dynamics change, we may get to see the mysterious world of the alien creature if a sequel gets greenlit.

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