Bobby Mitchell: Where is Freddie Steinmark’s Best Friend Now?

The 2015 sports biographical film, ‘My All-American,’ revolving around Freddie Steinmark’s life, invites the viewers to the football player’s journey as he aims toward a professional football career. Following Freddie from the Colorado high school football team, Wheat Ridge, to the University of Texas Longhorns, the narrative paints an authentic picture of the player’s hard work and undefeatable spirit. Consequently, Bobby Mitchell, Steinmark’s teammate— both in high school and college— ends up playing a significant role in the story. Thus, after following Mitchell’s on-screen character through the 1969 State Championship and the following Cotton Bowl, people must be curious to know more about the athlete and his current whereabouts.

Who Is Bobby Mitchell?

Bobby Mitchell is known for his high school and college football career, highlighted by his close friendship with his teammate Freddie Steinmark. Attending the Wheat Ridge High School in Colorado, Mitchell joined the team and trained under Coach Red Coat’s guidance. “Red wanted me to learn how to kick field goals and extra points, and I did,” Mitchell told The Denver Post. “I was horrible, to begin with, but made enough of them to help me be the state’s leading scorer. We threw the ball a lot, and our offense varied from week to week.”

As such, Mitchell honed his skill and talent for the game, befriending fellow team player Steinmark along the way. According to Jim Dent’s non-fiction book, ‘Courage Beyond the Game: The Freddie Steinmark Story,’ which serves as the inspiration for ‘My All-American,’ the two boys quickly achieved local popularity status given their positions as football players. During this time, the players also led their team to a momentous victory against Denver Washington at Bears Stadium and Mile High Stadium.

Eventually, as high school neared its end, paving the way for College, Mitchell and Steinmark ended up earning a spot at the University of Texas and its football team together, scouted by Darrell Royal. The former talked about the point in his life and said, “Freddie [Steinmark] played right away. One of the coaches from Texas came to Wheat Ridge to talk to me, but he asked who was that No. 43. That was Freddie.”

Steinmark ended up remaining a crucial touchstone in Mitchell’s life during their college years when the latter moved away from his family. Therefore, in many ways, Steinmark, a close friend, became Mitchell’s family, with the boys sharing a dorm room for three years. Furthermore, they remained efficient team members on the football field as the Longhorns participated in the State Championship. 1969 marked a significant year for both Mitchell and Steinmark, with the year’s start bringing the tragic news of the death of the latter’s brother.

Thus, as Mitchell mourned over the death of his brother, Mark, an Army Helicopter pilot who met his end in Vietnam, Steinmark remained a constant support by his friend’s side. Likewise, in the middle of the championships— when Steinmark’s leg started acting up, Mitchell watched him tend to it after games in their dorm room.

As such, Steinmark’s cancer diagnosis, on the heels of the Longhorns’ win against Arkansas in a historically-remembered game, came as a dreadful shock for Mitchell. “We [Mitchell and the Longhorns Team] couldn’t imagine what was happening when the diagnosis came in,” said Mitchell as he recalled the past. “He [Steinmark] was limping and had slowed down, but everybody gets bruises when playing football. That was the last game he played.”

Still, Mitchell’s career with the Longhorns continued as he played and won the 1970 Cotton Bowl, with Steinmark showing his support from the sidelines after his amputation surgery. Two years later, Mitchell said goodbye to his friend, losing Steinmark to his battle against bone cancer.

Bobby Mitchell Is a Dentist In Colorado Now

Unlike many of Steinmark’s other teammates, such as Bill Bradley, after Mitchell’s exit from the University of Texas, the man took a different route than a professional football career. According to reports, Mitchell went on to marry his college girlfriend, an Arkansas student, Honor Franklin. Furthermore, he used his education to put in an effort toward a career in dentistry.

Bobby Mitchell// Image Credit: Texas Longhorns/YouTube

In 1974, Mitchell opened his dental practice clinic near Dallas. Although the man prefers to live a private life and rarely comes into the limelight, he often discusses his past as a football player for UT and Wheat Ridge. In fact, upon the latter’s 2006 reunion for the 1966 state championship football team, Mitchell remained in attendance.

Furthermore, in 2015, when the University of Texas rededicated its scoreboard to Steinmark, Mitchell attended the event beside the departed player’s family. Likewise, near ‘My All-American’s’ release, the man made an appearance at the University to discuss his friendship with the film’s protagonist, Steinmark. However, Mitchell’s private life prevents any scope for recent updates.

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