Bosch Legacy: Who Killed Lexi Parks? Why?

Both ‘Bosch’ and ‘Bosch: Legacy’ are based on the works of American author Michael Connelly, who is the co-creator of the newer series. The second season of ‘Bosch: Legacy’ is reportedly the adaptation of ‘The Crossing,’ the 18th novel in the series. The plot follows Harry Bosch as he investigates the gruesome death of Lexi Parks. Honey Chandler is hired by the man that the police believe killed Lexi, and she employs Bosch in the case. As their investigation continues, they discover that their client might be telling them lies, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he is the killer. If you are wondering who killed Lexi Parks in the second season of ‘Bosch: Legacy,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Murder of Lexi Parks

The beginning of season 2 episode 3 depicts the gruesome death of Lexi Parks, who is a city manager in West Hollywood. Her husband, a sheriff in the Los Angeles County Police, returns home to find that his wife has been bludgeoned to death. David Foster, a long-time client of Chandler, is subsequently arrested because his semen has been found in the victim. David contacts Chandler, who accepts the case and later employs Bosch as a private investigator. David initially claims that he was with his wife at the time of Lexi’s death, but this turns out to be a lie.

David later admits that he uses drugs and was with his dealer, James Allen, who he also had sex with. James is a sex worker and supposed to be David’s alibi, but when Bosch goes looking for him, he discovers that James is also dead.

James’ body was found in an alley. When Bosch visits the place, he decides to talk to the locals to see if anyone has heard or seen anything. One of the locals eventually reveals that he heard two car doors when James’ body was left in the alley, indicating that at least two people were involved in James’ death, further proving David’s innocence.

Parallel to Bosch’s investigation, two Vice police officers, Ellis and Long, run an extortion racket, threatening, blackmailing, and killing people. They become aware of Bosch’s investigation and the fact Chandler is David’s attorney. While going through the list of things found at Lexi’s home, Bosch discovers a watch box, but the watch itself is missing. Curious, he goes to check in Lexi’s house as an interested buyer and runs into Lexi’s husband, who tells him that the watch is being repaired.

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This high-end watch ultimately proves to be the key to solving the case. It was originally purchased by Dr. Schubert for his wife, but Schubert slept with both girls who worked for Ellis and Long and subsequently became victims of their extortion. Ellis and Long took the watch and forced the owners of a pawn shop to buy it for $15,000. Lexi’s husband bought the watch from there and sent it to be repaired. However, it was then discovered that the watch still belonged to Schubert. Both Lexi and Mrs. Schubert were subsequently contacted, prompting the former to visit the pawn shop and threaten to take legal measures if they didn’t provide her with the documentation for the watch.

This is why Ellis killed Lexi. He and Long visited her while her husband wasn’t home, and he bludgeoned her to death with a tire iron. James sometimes worked as their CI. He got them a condom with David’s semen which helped Ellis and Long pin the murders on him. They then killed James because he was not only David’s alibi but also their accomplice, and they wanted to close all possible loopholes.

During a shootout at Schubert’s home, Long kills Schubert, but Bosch shoots Long. Just before the police arrive, Ellis flees the scene and hides on a boat he had acquired through his dirty work. Fearing that Ellis might come after the twin women who worked for him, Bosch moves them to one of Chandler’s properties. They are the ones who tell him and Chandler about the boat. Bosch subsequently goes to confront Ellis.

Maddie is angry and frustrated with her father when she learns about this. Finding him with the location tracker, she saves his life by killing Ellis. Bosch later pays a visit to Long at the hospital, and claiming that Ellis is still alive, forces him to confess the truth. Although the district attorney initially refuses to release David as this is an election year, Chandler does get her client out and declares that she will be running for the DA’s office.

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